Morales does not want for Bolivia "what is happening in Argentina"


the declaration of aeon Morales was broadcast during an election campaign in which unions and sectors associated with his government proclaimed him a candidate in the general election of the 20th October in Bolivia.

Morales said he was informed daily about "what is happening in Argentina" and "how the model neoliberal returns "to a country.

"Argentina returns the economic policies of the International Monetary Fund to the right (IMF) come back, now here it is. We have family members coming back massively"he said.

"I do not want this to happen, what is happening in Argentina, this is our responsibility," the Bolivian president added to thousands of supporters of the Movement for Socialism (MAS).

aeon Morales has repeatedly cited the case of Argentina in recent months to assure his followers and the media that in the countries of the region where "neoliberalism"has not returned economic problems.

At a press conference this week in La Paz, Morales considered that the result of the primary elections in Argentina, in which the Peronist Alberto Fern√°ndez triumphed against the current ruler Mauricio Macri, is a "rebellion" against the IMF.

In the general elections in Bolivia, Morales aspires to a fourth consecutive term by 2025, addressing eight opposition candidates.

His candidacy is considered illegal from the opposition and from the citizens' movements, for violation of the constitutional limit of two consecutive terms and for the result of a referendum of 2016 that refuses the re-election.

However, it was approved by the electoral body in 2018 on the basis of a 2017 Constitutional Court ruling that recognizes the right to an open-ended election.

The Constitutional had already authorized Morales for a third term, understanding that the first did not count because the country approved the state in 2009 Plurinational from Bolivia.

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