Monolith in California: They shouted “America First” and destroyed it


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They shouted “America First” – then they destroyed the monolith

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The third enigmatic monolith emerged, now in California

First Utah, then Romania, now California. In a short time, three monoliths appeared in natural landscapes. It is not entirely clear who put them there. Two of the objects have now disappeared again.

A metal monolith that appeared in California was destroyed by a group of men. They shouted “America First” and “Christ is the King”. So they replaced it with a wooden cross.

ISA metal monolith that also emerged in California after sightings in Utah and Romania was destroyed by a group of right-wing extremists. As seen in a live stream from a user called “CultureWarCrimnal”, the men shouted “America First” and “Christ is King” before knocking down the monolith and replacing it with a wooden cross. The “Vice” magazine also reported it.

One of the men wore a “Make America Great Again” bandana and called the monolith “gay”. Men pointed out that Christ was king “in this country”: “We don’t want illegal aliens from Mexico or space. So let’s take this bitch down. ” They also repeatedly spoke of burning crosses and white omnipotence. Two of the men wore night vision devices.

In the user’s previous videos there was, among other things, the conspiracy of alleged “pedophile rape tunnels under Hillary Clinton’s house” and the recommendation to spit on blacks.

The nearly four-meter tall monolith in Utah

The story of the mysterious monolith began in November. Originally, employees of the Utah Public Safety Authority wanted to count sheep, bighorn sheep that live in the desert regions of the state.

What they then found with their helicopter looks more like something out of a science fiction novel: a metal monolith – shiny, almost four meters high – in the middle of remote and inaccessible terrain full of stones and craters, framed by red rocks.

News of the discovery of this “unusual object” spread rapidly and sparked speculations around the world. A few days later, the column suddenly disappeared and the mystery only increased.

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Riddles about monoliths in Utah

Just a few weeks after the mysterious find in Utah, the object appeared in California. The gleaming metal stele was located on Mount Pine, near the town of Atascadero. “The three-sided obelisk appears to be made of stainless steel, ten feet high and 18 inches wide. The object was welded together at each corner, with rivets securing the side walls to the supposed steel frame on the inside, ”quoted the British Guardian of Atascadero News.

Much has been speculated about the first object: was the pillar erected in autumn 2016, as Internet researchers claim to have recognized from satellite images? Is it a tribute to the 2001 science fiction film: A Space Odyssey, in which such an object plays a role? Is it a joke. Are there even extraterrestrials behind it, as some people have speculated on the Internet?

Item number I in Utah

Item number I in Utah

Source: via REUTERS

Or is it the work of an artist, perhaps even a well-known artist, such as the sculptor John McCracken? The American, who passed away in 2011, had lived and worked for a long time not too far in New Mexico, making very similar independent objects in the form of pyramids, cubes or polyhedra.

Gallerist Star got involved and retired

David Zwirner, a German gallerist star from New York representing the McCracken estate, initially felt strongly reminiscent of the artist’s works when he saw the images on the stele. “Obviously the piece is by McCracken,” he told The New York Times – but after taking a closer look, he changed his mind.

“I love the thought that this is John’s work,” Zwirner said according to a message that is available from the German news agency. “But if you look closely at the photos of the monolith, you see rivets and screws that don’t match how John wanted his work to be built. He was a perfectionist. However, the stele is a “wonderful homage” to McCracken.

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The mystery piece has now disappeared from Utah. “From unknown side” has been removed, as announced by the local authority. The background was initially unclear. Witnesses claim to have seen four men dismantle it and transport it away. The competent San Juan County Sheriff’s Department has initiated an investigation.

In Romania they joke about old scrap metal

Meanwhile, news has emerged of a similar monolith in northern Romania. He was on top of a hill and a few days later he was gone. “The monolith disappeared on November 30, as mysteriously as it appeared,” radio station Jurnal FM reported Tuesday.

Local broadcaster released a video of a man making a mockery of the property on site. It’s “just some old scrap metal someone put in here.” Facebook user Alexandru was equally critical: “We can’t even imitate something correctly.”


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