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Photos of the First Lady boarding the Marine One helicopter at the White House have caused a huge uproar on the internet!

Twitter users claim that the woman in the pictures is not Melania Trump (50)but a doppelganger! The reason: Ms. Trump doesn’t smile the same way, she looks completely different. Teeth have changed, wrinkles are smoothed out.

There have often been rumors that Melania had hired a double to represent her on official occasions. Now the “fake Melania” conspiracy theories have reached a new climax! Users tag posts with the hashtag “FakeMelania”.

▶ ︎ The Twitter user who triggered the new ad campaign writes: “The only thing I will miss about this administration is that they exchange new melanias and pretend they don’t notice.”

“Hair looks softer and shorter”

And what exactly should look so different about the alleged “Wrong Melania”? A man explains the reasons for the doppelganger theory: “The hair looks softer and shorter, the nose looks more pointed and the distance between the upper lip and the nose seems shorter. But they got their color, jaw line, hair color and makeup. “

A reporter defends Melania’s alleged double strategy, asks, “Why shouldn’t famous people be allowed to use body doubles?” His tip: The lookalike should wear a crown mask, then the illusion would be perfect.

Unfortunately, there are also accusations in bad taste: some users speculate with no evidence that Melania has not yet recovered well enough from corona disease or has separated from her husband and therefore has to do double.

The fact that Melania has for years been accused of having a brace tends to speak out against new speculations.

“Which double of Melania was the most convincing?”

The rumor that Melania Trump would be replaced by a doppelganger first surfaced in October 2017 when the US president spoke to her alongside her about a hurricane deployment of rescuers in Puerto Rico.

And in the years that followed, the subject continued to boil. Twitter users particularly often believe they see a double when Melania Trump hides behind sunglasses or wears flat shoes that create an unknown effect.

▶ ︎ A Twitter user asked: “Which Melania stunt double was the most convincing?” In addition to the current photo of the helicopter, he also posted photos from August 2017 (top right) and March 2019 (bottom right).

Americans saw the real Melania Trump in a good mood on Sunday: at a Halloween party in the White House, she handed out sweets to costumed children, as in previous years.

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania welcome children to the White House for Halloween

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania welcome children to the White House for HalloweenPhoto: Action Press

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