Media report: France is considering a one-month lockdown due to the high number of cases


In view of the growing number of coronavirus cases and an impending overload of the health system, the French government is considering a one-month lockdown, according to a media report.

A one-month ban could take effect from midnight Thursday, broadcaster BFM TV reported on Tuesday evening. However, the restrictions would be less stringent than in March. Emmanuel Macron’s office previously announced that the president would address the people in a televised speech Wednesday night. At first nothing was known about the content. However, new restrictions have been announced on such occasions in the past.

On Tuesday, French authorities announced another 523 deaths, about double the previous day. For comparison: the night before, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) had recorded 42 fatalities in Germany out of a larger population. In addition, 33,417 new infections have recently been registered in France. MEPs reported a conversation with Prime Minister Jean Castex, in which he warned of overcrowding in hospitals if new measures were not taken. The situation is particularly dire, Andre Chassaigne said after the meeting. “If we can’t flatten the curve, our hospitals won’t be able to treat patients within 15 days.”

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