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May and exit from the EU: with plan B in Brexit?

Today, Prime Minister May proposes a new Brexit plan to the British Parliament. But many MPs want to act alone and set the course for the government with amendments.

By Jens-Peter Marquardt, ARD Studio London

Theresa May's plan B could once again be the A plan, with which the prime minister failed so badly in the House of Commons last week: the agreement on the withdrawal negotiated with Brussels. However, it could propose an important change: according to the British media reports, May wants to renegotiate the backstop, the global solution for the Irish border with the EU, once again.

Some members of their cabinets want the guarantee that they will not be subjected to border controls between the British province of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, even after Brexit, withdrawing from the exit agreement and by regulating a separate contract between London and Dublin.

In this way, the government could perhaps overcome the resistance of the Northern Irish Protestants and the conservatives of Hardline Brexites, who feared a special status for Northern Ireland after Brexit, in the lower house.

In any case, the Minister of Commerce Liam Fox hopes that an alternative mechanism can be found to avoid tensions if the border with the Irish island will become an external border of the EU, said the Minister of Commerce. However, the EU and the Dublin government reject these amendments to the withdrawal agreement.

Threat to the EU with unregulated Brexit

But Fox believes that EU partners, softened by the prospect of a tough and unregulated Brexit, could soften: "The German economy is already on the verge of recession, the economy French is in trouble, while the growth of the British economy is three times as high as that of the euro zone, our unemployment rate is only half, so there is a big incentive for our European partners to get closer to us ".

The parliamentarians want to make a course

But it is entirely possible that things will be different in the coming days. Opposition parliamentarians and the conservative faction of the government want to take control of the party and propose the course with government amendments.

Among other things, a so unregulated Brexit should be excluded. The postponement of postponement dates beyond March 29 is mentioned in these petitions, and also from the point of view of a renewed referendum on membership of the British EU.

The government talks about conspiracy

The Minister of Commerce Fox suspects that there is a conspiracy behind it: MPs who wanted to keep the country in the European Union would have seized the Brexit trial and stolen from citizens the outcome of the referendum.

Hilary Benn, chairman of the Brexit committee in the House of Commons, said: "The parliamentarians are just doing their job here and they are not conspirators, they are trying to eliminate the chaos that the prime minister has operated, we are in a national crisis". The Labor MP said.

The lower house voted on Tuesday in a week on plan B of May and the amendments of. Among these is the request for a renewed referendum. It is also supported by some members of the conservative government faction. Anna Soubry is one of them: she wants a new referendum, says the conservative girl of the EU. However, this will only happen if the leader of the opposition also supports him. But Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn continues to wait. Many in his party carry it meanwhile in the palm.

Deutschlandfunk reported on this topic on 20 January 2019 at 2 pm.

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