Main news in the main media of Ethiopia


ADDIS ABABA, August 18 (Xinhua) – Below are the highlights of the major media in Ethiopia on Sunday.

– The president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, will participate in the festival of forgiveness, unity and peace that will take place in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, from September 7th to September 8th.

The festival's organizing committee led by the former Ethiopian president Mulatu Teshome, who is the patron of the committee, met President Kenyatta at the State House on Friday. (Fana Broadcasting Corporate / FBC)

– Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) stated that it had recorded a gross profit of Birr 17.9 billion during the 2018/19 fiscal year. (Ethiopian News Agency / ENA)

–The World Tourism Forum has announced the awarding of the 2019 World Tourism Award for "Leader in Tourism" to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The Prime Minister is named winner of the award for his exceptional and exemplary efforts to improve and advance the tourism industry in Ethiopia. (FBC)

– The Transitional Military Council and the Freedom and Change Forces (FFC) signed the final power-sharing agreement in Khartoum this afternoon.

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed attended the signing ceremony for the peace agreement brokered by Ethiopia and the African Union (AU). (FBC) Enditem

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