MAE, crucial clarification after the outbreak of fires on the island of Samos – News on sources


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs, in response to MEDIAFAX, that there were no Romanians registered as tourists evacuated from hotels in Samos, Greece, due to vegetation fires in the area. The institution says that no Romanian has yet asked the authorities for help in this context.

"The Romanian Embassy in Athens closely follows the fire-related events that struck the island of Samos in the Hellenic Republic. Representatives of the diplomatic mission took urgent action with the local authorities to obtain information on the Existence of Romanian citizens among those affected so far, local authorities have not notified the diplomatic mission concerning the existence of Romanian citizens among those affected and, at the embassy level, no requests for assistance were received consular in relation to this incident ", the Ministry of Defense declared in a reply addressed to MEDIAFAX.

The institution states that "interested Romanians can request consular assistance at the following phone number of the Romanian Embassy in Athens +30 2106728879, calls are redirected to the Contact and Support Center of Romanian citizens from abroad (CCSCRS) and detected by the Call Center operators in the stay regime or the emergency number of the Consular Section: +30 6978996222 ”.

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At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs transmits that "the Romanian embassy in Athens monitors the situation as a priority and maintains the connection with the local authorities, preparing to grant consular assistance, should the situation demand it".

About a thousand tourists from five hotels on the island of Samos in Greece were evacuated on Saturday due to several vegetation fires in the area, announced Skai television station, quoted by Sputnik.

One of the fires broke out Saturday night in the tourist area of ​​Mesokampos, near the evacuated hotels. There are several condominiums in the area. Dozens of firefighters and volunteers intervened to extinguish vegetation fires.

The mayor of the island, Christodoulos Sevastakis, said that initially only two hotels were evacuated, but the authorities subsequently decided to evacuate tourists from three other housing units. Tourists were evacuated with the help of numerous buses and ships.

Greece has recently faced vegetation fires due to high temperatures and wind. According to firefighters, 56 of these fires occurred throughout the country on Saturday, many of which died out before they spread.

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