Litecoin arrives on MCO cryptocurrency platform and portfolios


MCO Wallet mobile app

Litecoin, the seventh largest cryptocurrency for market capitalization of over $ 4.3 billion, has been added to the MCO cryptocurrency platform and the mobile wallet, combining the other four cryptocurrencies available on the platform, bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB) and the company's MCO token

  MCO Cryptocurrency Platform
MCO Wallet

MCO, formerly Monaco, is a cryptocurrency platform that allows users to buy, exchange, transfer and spend cryptocurrencies from their smartphone. MCO Technology, the company behind MCO, supports over 180,000 mobile app downloads and over 88,000 Visa MCO card reservations.

"By incorporating Litecoin into the MCO Wallet app, we are deepening the functionality of the app for users and turning us into an intuitive and intuitive cryptanalysis exchange platform," said Kris Marszalek, co-founder and CEO of MCO Technology.

"Our support for Litecoin marks an essential step in [expanding the variety of cryptocurrencies available to our platform users] as we strive to broaden the audience of cryptocurrency and investors."

MCO Technology, a company founded in 2016 and based in Switzerland, launched its open beta mobile app in May 2018 after raising $ 26.7 million in its initial coin offer (ICO) in mid-2016 – one of the most successful ICOs at the time. The company claims that the platform is designed "for consumers looking for a simplified and secure approach to buy, exchange and send cryptocurrency".

The digital wallet must work with a Visa card that, once available, will allow users to manage their expenses in seven sovereign currencies and make purchases abroad. Through the online platform, users will be able to monitor their exchanges and ATM usage, receive transaction information in real time and freeze the card with one touch.

In addition to the Visa card, other products imminent to the MCO Technology roadmap that will be integrated directly into the MCO Wallet app includes MCO Automated Crypto Investing, a robo-advisory investment service in cryptocurrency and MCO Crypto Credit, a & # 39; credit offer.

MCO Automated Crypto Investing will allow users to invest in cryptocurrencies and easily build a portfolio. The offer will include several features including automated purchase and sale and users will be able to withdraw their funds at any time without transaction fees. MCO plans to charge a commission only when users make a profit.

In the meantime, MCO Crypto Credit will offer a credit of 60% and 40% of the value of a user's holdings in token MCO and bitcoin, respectively. The holdings in MCO and bitcoin will act as collateral.

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