Launch of the Bothop Bot Platform, Mining Pool and Goldjob Automated Crypto's Automated Wallet

Goldjob-announces-the-Release-of-a-automatic digital-currency-trading-Platform

Goldjob announces the release of an automated digital currency trading platform!

The Goldjob automated cryptographic network the release was recently announced by its parent company, Goldjob International LLP. This platform has several advanced features adapted to participants within its ecosystem. Given its scope, Goldjob has adapted these for encrypted merchants, trading trading solutions, a pool of mines, trading bots, investors and miners. So how it is, the Goldjob network provides services for over 2000 clients on its platform.

Goldjob trading bot

The trading bot of this platform is built with a new advanced algorithm that allows simultaneous trading on a pair of legitimate cryptographic exchanges. These include Bittrex, Kraken, Binance and Poloniex. The network entry limit is $ 1000, this is quite friendly for most people who would like to have a cryptocurrency or exchange these digital assets.

Customers on the platform can track all transactions of their accounts in real time. Interested crypto dealers who use this bot can earn 12% per month profits that start attracting 1% monthly bonuses when the customer exceeds 3 months of trading on this platform. Alternatively, new traders can opt for virtually funded demo accounts with $ 10,000.

The mining pool

Goldjob boasts a modern mining encryption technology of today, about 20,000 devices constitute the mining pool of this network. It has the ability to efficiently extract the major cryptographic coins like Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Bitcoin. To make it better, the network can increase the revenues of a miner with its resolutive technology blocker.

The Goldjob security ecosystem is both active and passive to ensure that altcoins stored in customer accounts are secure. Its servers have been protected from potential hacking activities with 24-hour support in case of any problems.

Cryptographic miners who wish to exploit this mining pool will receive coins in their Goldjob commercial robots or private wallets. The first option maximizes the possibility of a miner receiving more earnings due to automatic exchanges.

Cryptocurrency developers and traders

The Goldjob platform extends its cryptographic services to portfolio management for its customers. A pool of professionals ranging from data analysis to cryptocurrency traders has been integrated into this ecosystem for this purpose. At the moment, Goldjob operates only using the most efficient exchange platforms; Binance, Bittrex, Kraken and Poloniex.

The start-up is also expanding its horizons by investing in the creation of new algorithms. Goldjob plans to capitalize on this arena even further to improve its long-term prospects.

Digital currency portfolio

Customers using the Goldjob platform will make their personal transactions through the Coinbank digital asset portfolio. They will be able to buy or sell cryptographic coins through this road. In addition, it is compatible with demos and allows users to take advantage of mining profits and move funds. Going forward, the team plans to add visual features that will oversee the monitoring of operations on each cryptographic exchange in streaming mode.

Goldjob in detail

This technology-oriented company Fin Tech has an intellectual team of developers working on its infrastructure. Its goal is to improve the compatibility of blockchain and cryptocurrency networks.

Goldjob started its development platform 3 years ago. It was not until recently that the project paved the way for its test products; cryptographic fund and robot for investor investments. So far, this process has been successful with the company that has attracted over 2,000 participants in 30 countries.

The company is registered under the laws of the United Kingdom; a limited liability partnership recognized in 2018. However, Goldjob has expanded its local presence in other countries.

The effort of this company to increase the adoption of cryptography involves hosting free webinars and other forms of presentations within the main cryptographic zones. Goldjob information is publicly available on the company's social networks.

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