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Bitcoin Blockseer’s first mining pool will censor transactions

The mining pool of DMG’s Blockchain Solutions subsidiary, Blockseer, will censor Bitcoin transactions to comply with regulations. Monero developer Riccardo Spagni expects greater control over Bitcoin transactions and proposes an increase in network privacy. A few weeks ago, DMG Blockchain Solutions announced the creation of a new mining pool. Part …

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Binance Launches Ethereum Mining Pool With 0.5% Fees

After launching its Bitcoin (BTC) mining pool in April, cryptocurrency exchange Binance has now launched an internal mining pool for the market’s largest altcoin by market cap, Ether (ETH). For the first month, between November 12 and December 12, Binance is trying to lure miners by offering a zero-fee regime. …

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Bitcoin mining pool censors transactions making a strong case for privacy coins

Blockseer starts a mining pool with a transaction filtering feature. The community believes this trend contradicts the idea behind cryptocurrency. Transparency pin makes privacy-focused coins more attractive. Cryptocurrency analytics platform Blockseer, a subsidiary of DMG Blockchain Solutions, has launched closed testing of a mining pool with a transaction filtering feature. …

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