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Last minute … Critical messages from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Foreign Minister Al Hamidi spokesman, organized by Turkey last year, indicating that Al Olive Branch operation was successful, "the PYD / YPG hit hard, we provide peace and security at the border." 300 thousand Syrians are returned to the area without terrorists.

Afrin, life according to the normal flow continued, providing peace and security pointed out Aksoy, "idlib reconciliation was a great humanitarian tragedy that was prevented," he said.

Aksoy, "the Assad regime in the pursuit of military glory, but in Syria can only be a political solution," he said, using the expression, reached a certain stage in the constitution of the Constitutional Committee, he added.

Manbij implementation of the road map and Euphrates, emphasizing Turkey's transition to stability in eastern Aksoy, Turkey's firm position, US President Donald Trump said he decided to withdraw from Syrian care.

Aksoy said he had observed the resistance in the US security bureaucracy and emphasized the importance of close dialogue and cooperation in the implementation of the decision.

"The US withdrawal process from Syria should not serve the PYD / YPG division program, should not be experienced in the field, we have strongly expressed these problems." He said.

On February 5, Aksoy said that a delegation led by Deputy Secretary of State Sedat Önal will go to Washington as part of his contacts with the United States.

According to the road map of Münbiç, the PYD / YPG will be withdrawn, its weapons will be withdrawn from the United States and Münbiç will be governed by the people of Münbiç.

"The regime should not be allowed to attempt a provocation against Münbiç and the PYD / YPG to push the regime into Münbiç. No one should try to remove it from the situation. The removal of Münbiç from the PYD / YPG is a matter of national security for us. And it was a terrorist attack, which revealed the importance of the full implementation of the road map, freeing the region from terrorist organizations ". he said.

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Expressing that they are working to make the ceasefire provided by Idlib reconciliation, Aksoy said the regime did some provocative actions in the last period.

Aksoy said the regime's purpose was eroding reconciliation and said: "In recent days, the SCF has started targeting moderate dissidents, continuing to take the necessary measures against provocation," he said.

US Senator Lindsey Graham is expected to meet President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu, National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar and MIT President Hakan Fidan today.

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Aksoy stressed that they take as a strategic goal for Turkey's accession to the EU, "one in our relations with the European Union & win-win relationship" We want to establish. create a situation that benefits both parties.What we also prevent a little is located in the prevention of this, at the start of the accession negotiations.The customs union We would like to take concrete measures for the Update and visa liberalization ". he said.

Aksoy on relations with the EU during 2018, on March 26, 2018 an EU summit that of Varna President Erdogan also participated, after a three-year EU-break Turkey's joint parliamentary committee in Ankara and two meetings and three years break in Brussels So he mentioned that the reform action group had two meetings.

Aksoy said that all these events show a new commitment with the EU and that there is a process of dialogue and standardization with European countries such as Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, which are planning to continue in 2019.

Aksoy said he had expressed the Cyprus problem in any situation where Kendis, the Greek Cypriot side, was unwilling to share political power. Bak In this context, our minister of foreign affairs, the special representative of the United Nations of Cyprus, the American official (Jane Holl), accepted the lute twice. however, he said he could succeed with a solution based on real facts about the island and with appropriate goals: we do not just start talking about the negotiations, we do not want to lose the next fifty years simply by talking. expressions used.

Expressing that they are trying to resolve relations with Greece through dialogue, Aksoy said that they continue to call for determination to return the FETO population from Athens and to protect the rights of the Turkish minorities in Western Thrace.


Aksoy stressed that they had a very fruitful year in their relations with Russia and stressed that there were high-level visits between the two countries at the level of heads of state and foreign ministers.

Referring to discussions on the security zone in northern Syria, Aksoy said:

"Our suggestion for the proposed safe zone of the United States is positive, we believe this will be a significant development in the Syrian context and we will continue our meetings with our Russian partners on this issue." Our President will visit Russia on January 23rd. I would like to stress that the technical negotiations between military officers and diplomats continue, of course, and this is a trial.

Al, Moscow and Ankara have shared the first 11 months of last year reached $ 22 billion the volume of trade and tourism is known that 6 million Russian tourists have visited Turkey in the.

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Claiming that they seek to improve their relations with Iraq Aksoy, the major commitments for the reconstruction of Iraq and recalled that Turkey of $ 5 billion. Aksoy, Ovakoy Border Crossing of the work to continue the work, in case of opening this door will positively affect trade with Iraq.

Aksoy, "This year in Iraq, in Mosul, Basra, then the Kirkuk and Necef consulates are planning to reactivate, so our approach to cover all regions and regions of Iraq will continue to embrace" . he said.

sanctions against Iran Aksoy that Turkey is finding the right sanction of the Iranian people, said it would damage regional stability.

Underlining that they do not accept foreign intervention to disturb the territorial integrity of Yemen Aksoy said that Turkey would be close to the Yemeni people. "We will continue our firm determination to end the war in Yemen, the same applies to Libya". he said.

Aksoy stressed the fact that they support the intermediary of Kuwait to solve problems between Qatar and some Arab countries, and continued his contacts and studies on the creation of an international investigation or institution. of a research commission to clarify the murder of the Saudi journalist Cemal Kaşıkçı.


Responding to the question of creating a security zone within Syria, Aksoy recalled that the matter had previously been raised by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, but that he had not accepted it at the time.

"We are approaching the safe area of ​​20 miles that the United States offers, but we are still in touch with how it will be implemented and how the field will be modeled." he said.

Al, "safe area will only guarantee our edge will also be guaranteed to be there in peace and security of people.The prevention of a possible migration and to ensure stability, I also think it would be elements here to encourage the return to their country of Syrians living in Turkey. " He said.

question whether the acquisition of US Patriot defense systems to respond Aksoy, Turkey declared its desire to buy a year ago, we were told that the United States proposal if the new message. Aksoy continued:

De We have a gap in our air defense system, so we bought the S-400s to meet this need Ri ri It's over, we're closed Bitti The request for the Patriot has been going on. Price, timing, perhaps above all technological transfer and joint production: these negotiations will continue ".


declaring Romania's EU presidency as of January 1 under the presidency they hoped would gain momentum in EU-Turkey relations Aksoy, in particular, said that they expect visa liberalization for the development and updating of the Union customs.

Aksoy, the next 6 months for the realization of a new Turkey-EU summit, has long been able to meet the EU-Turkey Association Council reported that they expect to come together.

Mr. Aksoy informed Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu who will attend the unofficial meeting of EU foreign ministers on 31 January.

"We are moving towards a moving period with the EU, I hope that the Romanian Presidency will advance more concrete steps than the European Union, and our relations will continue to move in a more concrete and positive way". he said.

Making a question about developments in the spoon killer, Aksoy, "Our expectation from Saudi Arabia is a full and sincere cooperation, especially the fate of Kasikçı & # 39; nın of the body of this murder committed by whom, who helped and who gave instructions on Saudi Arabia, does not yet have a clear attitude. "he replied.

Al, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates in Damascus in response to questions related to reopening the embassies Turkey did not intend to open an embassy in Damascus said.

Emphasizing that they support the Balkans' participation in NATO institutions, Aksoy recalled that the opening of the STAR Refinery and Trans-Anatolian Gasdeceline (TANAP) projects are the two biggest projects completed this year with friend STAR and the twin country Işaret Azerbaijan.


Turkey says you live a very busy year in terms of visits made in foreign countries visitors from Ankara and Ankara during 2018 Al, the presidential level from Turkey 29, the level of prime minister 8, vice president level 6, the level of Foreign Minister sharing occurred 80 visits, abroad at the level of head of state in Turkey 78, the head of the government level 30, level 38 visiting the foreign minister said that to be done.

Aksoy, the State Department said that the expansion of the diplomatic representation network in 2002, rose to 242 branches in 2018, this figure of 162 representatives, noting the share of Turkey, the information received fifth place among the countries with the most diplomatic representations all over the world.

Africa, Latin America, Asia-Pacific region, the opening policies continued throughout the year referring to the Aksoy, Africa, 12 embassies in 2009, have risen to 42 in the last year, but the 39. Foreign Minister's goal is to increase this number to 50, he said.

Aksoy stressed that the number of women ambassadors in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rose to 63, and that there were 33 women ambassadors active abroad and 13 women ambassadors took part in the decree of the last ambassadors.


Referring to carry out many activities throughout the year of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in institutions and international institutes Aksoy, UN reform that take the initiative to the world in regions where six out of ten organization conflicts to Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which intensified efforts to increase mediation capacity and the period of Turkey During his presidency, he managed to set up a contact group for the IIT mediator.

Aksoy, Turkey last year, humanitarian assistance amounting to 8.1 billion dollars, is the world's largest donor and in the most generous countries have come to the position, said the 650 thousand children of 3, 5 million Syrians on its territory, at the university level in 21 thousand Syrians saw young people training in Turkey stressed.

living abroad Ministry of Foreign Affairs up to 6 million remind that providing services to Turkish citizens Aksoy, the last year, 84 Turkish citizens who transported air ambulance Turkey, shared the number of calls to Consular call center services in five languages ​​expected to reach 1.6 million in 2019.


Fetullahçı terrorist organizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (fetus) on the fight pointing preserved in the closure of schools abroad Aksoy agenda, "So far Feton iltisakl the number of countries that close schools has risen to 21. Turkey Maarif Foundation, Feton iltisakl schools have been delivered to 18 countries The Foundation has also opened 66 new schools in 16 countries, our contacts on the closure and transfer of these schools will continue at full speed this year ". he said.


Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu came to the meeting room while the ministry spokesman Aksoy was present at the press conference.

After the press conference for a while, Çavuşoğlu was accompanied by Sedat Önal, the deputy minister.

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