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Scientists and researchers today are largely dependent on grants to do their jobs and the entire process of seeking a grant is very exasperating and sometimes demotivating for them. Even once the research is conducted, scientists are exploited during the entire publication process. Furthermore, researchers or research groups working in isolation are not able to share knowledge about other sectors or sectors due to an employment agreement.

There is a platform, "The Knowbella Platform", which solves this real world problem. The Knowbella platform encourages scientists with the help of blockchain technology. I spoke with Jason Barkeloo, founder of Knowbella Tech, as he talked about how blockchain technology is being used, Jason said;

"For me blockchain is a tool and there are some things it's really good for, eg identity management, which we'll use on our platform, manage concessions using blockchain, we manage the lab resources we provide to researchers on blockchain There are a number of things inside our platform, clearly the tokens that the anthro points on the utility tokens, the Helix security tokens are managed on the blockchain.So the aspects of the platform will be in What I see in the future, I think it will be a lot of interesting results, but they will all be guided by the idea of ​​privacy and security … anything you can imagine that requires privacy, security and anonymity, I really think it's the place where blockchain will adapt ".

Jason insisted further on the need to incorporate the blockchain into the field of medicine and declared;

"The management of clinical trials in the pharmaceutical space, medical devices and diagnostics will be just an excellent example of the use of blockchain to manage the safety and privacy of patients who give them control of their records. field that you can imagine, the blockchain will have some application ".

Although we are witnessing the appearance of many blockchain start-ups and many promising ones vanish, there are only a handful of those that are solving genuine world problems and Knowbella Tech is one of those that has developed a solid business model, keeping in mind the current bear market in which we find ourselves

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