Japanese Giant of Japanese technology offers solutions to enhance Blockchain hardware in two patents


The Japanese electronics giant Sony has filed two patents to enhance blockchain-based ecosystems, according to documents 20180218027 and 20180219686 published by the USPU (USPTO) on August 2nd.

Through the patents, Sony intends to improve the design and structure of the blockchain hardware by introducing new circuits to the processes of distributed ledger technology.

The first application, entitled "Node and electronic method for maintaining a distributed ledger", describes an electronic device for maintaining a blockchain based on multiple electronic nodes, including multiple blocks associated with at least one of the existing blocks .

The patent explains a scheme of adding new blocks on a ledger distributed in a compressed format, which contributes to the creation of a competitive way of nodes performing the extraction process, which implies that a smaller block produced by the node he can get a bigger reward.

In the second "Device and System" patent, Sony proposes a way to maintain a blockchain from multiple virtual nodes, suggesting a mechanism of access to the register distributed via at least one of these nodes.

By incorporating virtual nodes, Sony intends to guarantee the integrity of the blockchain in cases "where the number of devices is small or becomes small;" for example, if a number of devices went down.

Founded in 1946, Sony Corporation had previously paid tribute to the rapidly growing blockchain technology; however, the latest patents are the first introduction of the company into a distributed register hardware system.

In 2017, the multinational conglomerate filed a patent application for a multi-factor blockchain authentication system (MFA), proposing a combination of two different registries distributed to conduct the login process

Also in 2017, Sony has partnered with IBM technology giant to develop a blockchain-based educational platform to provide secure sharing of student records.

Recently, the US giant Walmart has filed a patent application on the management of smart devices via blockchain, which would keep private keys to authorize a transaction. In early July, Bank of America (BoA) filed a patent for a blockchain-based data validation system that provides monitoring of information sources confirming transfers of resources.

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