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Japan can trigger a meteor shower

A small Japanese rocket has placed seven mini-satellites on Friday, one of them designed to launch a meteorite rain, similar to a space fire, informs Agerpres, who quotes the AFP.

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The idea of ​​this unique heavenly show belongs to a small newly established company in Tokyo, which created a generator of artificial meteorites.

The mechanism, transported into space on board the Epsilon-4 launcher, plans to release 400 balls that will shine through the atmosphere, above Hiroshima, at the start of next year.

The missile, launched Friday morning at the Uchinoura Space Center, has a total of seven nanosatellites on board with various technologies & # 39; Innovative & # 39;, according to Nobuyoshi Fujimoto, spokesman of the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA).

The satellites were put into orbit, a very negligible success for the Epsilon mission.

"I was very excited, I have no words", said the Jiji press agency for the president of the company ALE Lena Okajima, the initiator of the artificial meteor shower project, to be repeated 20 to 30 times.

The ALE satellite, which revolves around 500 km of orbit above the Earth, will gradually drop to 400 km in the following year. Another satellite should join in a few months.

ALE says it can simulate artificial meteor shower anywhere in the world, using technology that they know only.

Stars (of different colors) should shine for a few seconds before they burn completely. If everything goes according to plan and the sky is clear, the 2020 event could be admired by millions of people, including those in urban areas where there is a light pollution like that of Tokyo, the representatives said of the company.


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