It’s only been 3 days. They announced giant stats in the crown


It is reported that 52,000 188 coronavirus patients have been detected in the past 3 days in Spain.

In Spain, the number of pandemic deaths has also increased by 279 since Friday.

The ministry announced that 628 people have died in the past 7 days as a result of the epidemic and the total number has risen to 35,000 31.

At the press conference, Fernando Simon, Chairman of the Committee for the fight against Kovid-19, established at the Ministry of Health, “The main objective of the measures taken so far is to prevent a possible queue and concentration in hospitals. Although the situation is critical in some hospitals in the current situation, the employment rate of Kovid-19 patients in hospitals across the country is 13, 7%, this rate is 24.2% in intensive care units. Found 40% in autonomous administrations. It is very important to prevent density “ She said.

Meanwhile, with the decision on Sunday of the left-wing coalition government, a state of emergency has begun, declared for now only for 15 days but which was intended to be extended until 9 May.


As a result, while the curfew was declared across the country between 11pm and 6am, some autonomous administrations such as Catalonia and Castilla y Leon took an hour (10pm) ahead and the autonomous regions of Madrid, Valencia and Extremadura one hour ahead (24.00).

In addition, the autonomous administrations of Asturias and Aragon in the north have imposed restrictions on free movement, banning entry and exit to their territories.

Other local governments apply restrictions on free movement only in neighborhoods where the epidemic is intense.

In emergency conditions, a maximum of 6 people can gather in family or friends reunions across the country.


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