It's now Facebook Protected User Security with Blockchain Tech


On September 25, Facebook reported a security problem that affected about 50 million users. It is hoped that this breach of security will push Facebook management to accelerate its efforts to improve data privacy by incorporating blockchain technology.

50 million Facebook accounts were vulnerable

A vulnerability in Facebook that involved nearly 50 million user accounts was the most significant security incident suffered by the company to date. According to an update on company security, the investigations conducted so far reveal that,

Earlier this week, we discovered that an external actor attacked our systems and exploited a vulnerability that exposed Facebook access tokens to people's HTML accounts when we made a particular component of the "View" feature. as".

The security update also indicates that the vulnerability was the result of the interaction of three distinct bugs that targeted the "View as" function.

Now, Facebook reports that the vulnerability has been corrected, as described in the last update:

We've also reset access tokens for nearly 50 million accounts that we know are affected, and we've also taken precautionary steps to reset access tokens for another 40 million accounts that have been the subject of a View As control in the last year. Finally, we temporarily disabled the View function as we perform a thorough security analysis.

Blockchain technology could protect Facebook data

It is possible that this breach of security was prevented if Facebook had incorporated blockchain technology to ensure data security.

Blockchain allows users to exchange data in a distributed, decentralized, secure and incorruptible environment. The power of this technology lies in its transparency. Everyone can see the sum of the transactions recorded in the blockchain. More importantly, changes in the blockchain can not occur unnoticed.

Rumors have circulated in the media that Facebook is exploring the possibility of using blockchain technology.

In May 2018, Facebook appointed the leader of its Messenger team to direct a team assigned to "explore how to best exploit Blockchain on Facebook, starting from scratch".

On 6 September 2018, CNBC reported that Facebook was adding six positions to his blockchain team.

For example, the position description for the Business Development & Partnership Manager – Blockchain includes the following skills and responsibilities "In-depth understanding of the product and blockchain technology to inform and influence our product roadmap and support and execute them on product plans. . " You may wish to request this position here.

What do you think of Facebook that incorporates blockchain technology to improve data security? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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