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Italian Government: Salvini attacks Macron

The Italian Deputy Prime Minister Salvini has severely attacked the French government: he called Macron a "very bad president". It is not the first attack against the neighboring country – within a few days.

The Italian government seems to be working on a dispute with French President Emmanuel Macron: Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini has made a verbal attack on him on Facebook. In a video message, he said that the 26 May European elections will offer the French people an opportunity to "get rid of a bad president".

Salvini accused Macron of having misrepresented "the pride" of the French and invited the French to "bring back his future and his destiny in his hands". At the same time, he emphasized his proximity to the neighboring country: "I am with all my heart and all my work with the French people".

Di Maio accuses France of "colonialism"

The French Foreign Ministry had invited the Italian Ambassador to Paris the previous day, according to comments from the Italian Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Luigi di Maio.

On Sunday he accused France of reciting "colonial" and contributing to the impoverishment of Africa and subsequently to the mass exodus from the continent through its politics.

Salvini followed the example and told the channel Canale 5: "In Libya, France has no interest in stabilizing the situation, probably because it has oil interests in conflict with those of Italy".

Call for the "yellow west" protest movement

The populist right-wing Italian coalition government has long been crossed with the convinced European politician Macron. One of the causes is their restrictive policy towards refugees. Prohibits rescue ships and migrants rescued from the Mediterranean to enter Italian ports.

At the beginning of January, Di Maio and Salvini called for the "Yellow West" movement, which in part demonstrated violently against the government in France, calling it "firmness". Macron reigned "against his people," Salvini said at that moment. The French government had therefore asked for "respect" to the partner country of the EU, Italy.

Count: relations with France remain strong

The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte explained as a result of the provocation of his deputies that the relations between Italy and France remained strong. "This does not call into question our historic friendship with France or the French people, which remains strong and strong despite all political disputes," he said in a statement.

From the French presidential office rejected the recent provocations as "laughable".

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