It got dark at 3:00 pm in São Paulo, Brazil, why?


San Paolo, the largest Brazilian city, has overshadowed this Monday at three in the afternoon, an unusual moment for twilight, even in the days of strong winter, and the strange phenomenon divides the specialists who indicate the strong fog and shoot thousands of miles as responsible.

The phenomenon immediately monopolized discussions on social networks, in which photos and videos began to circulate on the theme of the "day that passed the night" and compared St. Paul with the fictitious Gothic city of Batman, a situation in which the Brazilian meteorologists were not still d? agreement.

The National Institute of State Meteorology emphasized that "the city is within a cloud", whose training is being evaluated, and the Center for Climate Emergency Management has attributed it as a cause of the wet weather and the entry of air of polar origin, known as "cold front & # 39;.

Francisco Vilela, meteorologist of Inmet, considered in the statements to the G1 portal of the Globo chain that "particulate material, coming from the smoke produced by wild fires" in Bolivia, Paraguay and in the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul – west-, combined with the "cold front", caused the darkness.

The Climatempo private institute also considered that the smoke coming from the Amazon, with forest fires in Acri, near the border with Bolivia, and the "cold front" brought by the sea winds, influenced the phenomenon.

However, the state-run National Institute for Space Research (INPE) said the meteorological monitoring satellites in the country did not verify the influence of fires on the increase in cloudiness that has taking into account St. Paul.

The meteorologist Inmet Helena Turón Balbino also pointed out that a very low and deep cloud, formed by the southern and south-east sea winds, became darker than normal and therefore literally "enveloped" the city, as when a plane passed through

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