Influenza is spreading rapidly: 2 countries have reported an epidemic. Doctor: "Virus, very powerful"


While Romania is approaching an influenza epidemic, neighboring Bulgaria and Spain have areas where the epidemic has already been declared.

The situation presented by the World Health Organization shows a worrying spread of the influenza virus during this period. Doctors are warning us to protect ourselves if they are flu sick. And adopt a healthy lifestyle to have an immune system that can fight the virus.

The toilets are full of people worried about having influence. Only in the hospital of Infectious Diseases Victoria Babeş in the capital, in one day, doctors visited over 400 patients. A quarter was diagnosed with influenza.

Carmen Cristescu, internal medicine doctor, assistant professor, Department of Virology: "It is a very powerful virus with a very short incubation period. Since we infect our symptoms, only a few days. And it is very easy to fly by plane. The influence as such particularly affects children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with tumors and other diseases. People with perfect health, less often."

At this point, according to data published by the World Health Organization, influenza viruses are widespread in many European countries, such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain. In neighboring countries with Romania, influenza cases are widespread only in some regions.

Authorities in Bulgaria and Spain have already declared an influenza epidemic in some areas. In our country, the National Institute of Public Health recognizes that it has delayed the reports on the evolution of influence for the second week.

Carmen Cristescu: "As a rule, we report recently that everything falls on the doctor, who must treat with the patient and then report. It is certainly reported, but with a long delay in our country due to the lack of administrative apparatus."

Influenza is one of the most serious respiratory viral infections and is transmitted very easily.

doctor: "It is possible that a person is a carrier for a short or long period of influenza virus and to transmit it. The risk is lower because the transmission of the virus occurs through sneezing and coughing. The healthy man does not cough and therefore less microbes spread."

And if the wearer has a strong immune system or has been vaccinated, the virus is rejected before it is installed.

doctor: "This cell is able to recognize the microbes that pass through the blood and annihilate them. The infected cells are stained by some antibodies and the cells infect their surface. He is able to detect the signs and tell him to "kill these altered cells"."

For a strong immune system, doctors say we must have a healthy lifestyle that means rest, nutrition and sport. Furthermore, we must pay attention to antibiotic treatments that destroy the intestinal flora, which is extremely important for the immune system.

Carmen Cristescu: "How can we protect ourselves by avoiding contact with sick people, trying to find out if we have infected and having a flu diagnosis, not to visit our family and, naturally, helping us with natural remedies, vitamin C, rest, to give the body a boost to recover. There is no magic pill, a magic formula to protect us, we can drink 10 liters of honey tea a day, it will not protect us from the influence."

Doctors say the best way to protect is vaccination.

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