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In this way the search for the child who fell in a well in Spain – Europe – International progresses

The extreme hardness of the terrain slows the work of drilling a vertical tunnel that allows to reach the area of ​​a well where it is believed that a Spanish child has been trapped for eight days in the south of Spain.

The drilling rig, which started working on this Saturday, makes an extra effort to overcome the resistance of the rocks and complete the 60-meter depth of the channel as soon as possible, 53 of which have already been excavated.

Subsequently, the tunnel will be conveyed to protect it and some miners will have to open a horizontal tunnel with manual means to access the well.

"We are at such a deep level and in such difficult working conditions that this and any machine of these characteristics that are on the market (…) would have the same conditions after so many hours of work and especially with the materials we meet ", the delegate of the Association of Civil Engineers of Malaga, Ángel García, told the press on Monday.

The machine also had to interrupt a time to be serviced, explained their managers.

According to the first technical calculations, the tunnel takes between 12 and 15 hours of work; and the tunnel, another 20, at best, because the hardness of the layers found interrupted the forecasts.

Throughout the night of this Sunday, according to Garcia, drilling continued "in extreme conditions of work and with materials of enormous hardness". Those responsible for the teams trying to save the child hope to reach him on Tuesday.

Julen's rescue

The relief efforts were carried out this Sunday.


Daniel Pérez / EFE

The media deployment was impressive in this mountainous area of ​​the province of Malaga, since in addition to the tunnel digger, engineers and miners, there is also a group of Civil Guard deminerators to deal with any emergency, said a spokesman for the armed institution.

The minor, whose name is Julen and who has not obtained evidence of life, fell on Sunday 13 January for a survey of water 25 centimeters in diameter and 110 meters deep in a private property in the city of Malaga. Totalán, south of Spain.

The well is blocked by a 71 meter deep ground plug, so you can not directly access where you think it may be.

All of Spain is still in tension in this rescue operation with the hope that the child can survive, something increasingly difficult.


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