In Chile they captured a Colombian who allegedly killed 7 people in a week


Photo of alleged serial killer Diego Alexander Ruiz Restrepo / Credit Archivo Infobae.
Photo of alleged serial killer Diego Alexander Ruiz Restrepo / Credit Archivo Infobae.

Following in the wake of “Jack the Ripper”, whose five crimes in Whitechapell are still under investigation, Diego Alexander Ruiz Restrepo, a 33-year-old Colombian with irregular immigrant status in Chile, allegedly started a series of murders that perplexed the society of that country, but which have a strange coincidence with those of his macabre predecessor: without saying a word and taking advantage of the inertness of the cold Santiago, he stabbed to death 7 adults in the Meiggs district, located on the Alameda de Santiago axis.

According to the Carabineros, the chronology of this series of bloody began on November 1st at 6:15 am., when Ruiz Restrepo murdered his compatriot and illegal immigrant in Chile, Carlos Rivas; minutes after this first crime, Ruiz Restrepo placeholder image He walked a few blocks in search of his next victim, an adult over 64, whose identity is protected by the police authorities. From that moment onwards, crimes have occurred in the area: five corpses, belonging to elderly and in vulnerable conditions, have occupied the pages of Santiago’s newspapers. The procedure was routine, but with echoes of the Whitechapell murders: murdered at close range, without a word or defense from the victims.

Unlike what happened a century ago, this time the exploits of the alleged serial killer did not go unpunished. With the help of cameras, witness statements and crossovers with police and immigration databases, Carabineros captured Ruiz Restrepo at his residence. Authorities seized edged weapons and clothing associated with the killings in the Meiggs neighborhood.

The story of Diego Alexander Ruiz Restrepo it is similar to that of thousands of compatriots who come to the diaspora to solve social and economic needs. Migrated to Chile on a tourist visa, he has remained in the country since 2013. He tried twice to regularize his situation, but was denied due to a history linked to minor crimes in Chile. Carlos Holmes Trujillo, located in Comuna 15, district of Aguablanca, one of the sectors with the highest rates of inequality in the country. As a humble and believing family, his relatives reacted with disappointment to the judicial charges and accusations of a society not used to these episodes of violence. “Nobody expected it”, argue in interviews with local media, while the hours of the hearing cited by the Prosecutor of the case pass Pamela contreras.


The researcher says surprised to recognize the file modus operandi from Ruiz Restrepo placeholder image: “He did not interact with the victims, many of them were even asleep when he, without provocation, stabbed them”, to which he adds that the psychopathy of the alleged serial killer has traits “Quite special”. ever since he went from robbery to murder in a way that shows a disconnect from his personality. Despite the evidence gathered, Ruiz Restrepo, according to the prosecutor, does not confess his full participation in the crimes, which outrages the Chilean society he is prosecuting for not opening a psychiatric background that serves to evade future sentences to the accused.


In this sense, the general manager of the Carabineros, Mario Rozas, reinforces the procedure that led to the capture of the alleged serial killer: “Until now there is a model of conduct and there are means of proof that place it in the place of the event”, thus justifying the triangulation, established in record time, by the police authorities.

Captured, a Ruiz Restrepo placeholder image He is accused of another crime, so far without resolution, but which shares the pattern of the November murders: in cold blood, without a word and with a sharp weapon, which took place in March of this year. Authorities claim they have eyewitnesses who allegedly survived a possible attack by the killer. As the hours pass for the hearing, and the sense of distress in the area fades due to the presence of the authorities, the echo of the Whitechapell murders does not seem to leave the Meiggs neighborhood.

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