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Iceberg Ahead – Why Obama made Trump possible – News


The American journalist Thomas Frank clashes with the Democrats. They would have contributed to Trump's success.

For two years, US President Donald Trump has been in charge – and many Democrats and leftists are still eyeing and wondering: how was it possible? The well-known American journalist Thomas Frank tries to answer this question in his latest book.

"Americanic" is the name of the work. On the title page: a sinking ship that resembles the Titanic. A symbol of the US state? No one drowns the title page is symbolic, explains Frank.

book cover

The book by Thomas Frank contains a collection of the best articles Frank has written in recent years.

Publisher Antje Kunstmann

«In the circles of the left there is destiny and darkness»

Frank has the feeling that the world he grew up in has an end. It means the world that was before President Donald Trump was elected. Frank was a Republican, today he is a Democrat. In the left circles, he says, there is sadness and darkness. Almost like on the Titanic. And Trump – is he the iceberg?

"Yes, the president is one of the icebergs," says Frank, although the picture should not be abused. Because Trump is only the temporary end of a longer development.

In the mid-1990s, Frank described it in the bestseller "What's wrong with Kansas?" Because the working class and middle classes of the US state of Kansas support a policy that primarily benefits the rich. A populist conservatism and a move against the elites allowed to offer tax gifts to the rich – at the expense of schools and hospitals.

Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank
Legend:Publisher Antje Kunstmann

The political advisor, historian and journalist Thomas Frank regularly writes columns for the Wall Street Journal, Harper's Magazine and The Guardian. He is co-founder of The Baffler. Frank analyzes and comments on American election trends, the propaganda of mainstream journalism and the economy.

"I wanted to warn the left with the book … Look: the working class no longer votes for the Democrats because they no longer feel represented by them … That was the way it was then in Kansas Today the phenomenon is seen all over the country" , explains Frank.

Voters without a political house

In other words, Trump has become possible because the Democrats have lost sight of their traditional electorate. The concerns of the workers became less important for the party than for educated citizens, teachers, academics, public officials. Traditional democratic voters have become politically homeless.

The financial crisis of 2008 has accelerated this development: "The financial crisis has shown that everyone who earns in real estate, played with the gezinkten cards The fact that President Barack Obama has never intervened and has never asked to those responsible for this crisis to checkout, the working class did not understand.This was Obama's biggest mistake and explains why someone like Trump became possible after Obama ".

Two years have passed since Trump's election. Democrats have a majority in the big chamber of parliament after the intermediate elections. But the party never came into reality, criticizes Frank.

Trump at the oath

On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.


"The Democrats have done little to detect their mistakes, there are several reasons for this: One of them: Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama are still considered heroes, which makes it difficult to start again.

There is no plan on how voters can be recovered. Furthermore, the economy circulates in the United States. For the first time in decades, there are still wage increases, especially for simple work. And this could save Trump his second term.

"If unemployment remains low and wages rise, Trump becomes a hero for the working class," says Frank. Then the Democrats will probably panic – on American.

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