"Humanitarian engineering work" to find Julen complete ten days


the The rescue operation to find the two-year-old boy who fell into a hole in Totalán, Malaga, completes today ten days of continuous work, day and night.

Every day, fieldworkers faced obstacles that delayed work. For this reason, they decided to stop making predictions about the time needed to find the child.

Remember that this Tuesday woke up with the hope that in 24 hours he would be able to reach the child. However, new complications have occurred when the miners have not even started digging the horizontal tunnel.

The vertical tunnel opened parallel to the well where the two-year-old boy fell nine days ago was too narrow for the introduction of the metal cladding designed to protect the agents who will carry out the last phase of the rescue – the construction of the chamber of horizontal connection to the well where Julen will be.

The tunnel had to be punched again, work that was finalized today at 7:00. Now, yes, it is time to get on the scene of the miners brigade in charge of manually digging the horizontal section that will reach the point where the boy should be.

At the moment, a team of 13 technicians work day and night on the ground to try to get around the obstacles that are emerging, says El Pais. Ángel Garcia Vidal, who is in charge of the Civil Engineering Faculty of the streets, canals and ports of Malaga, was in the area and after inspecting the area where the work is being carried out and realizing that it is a very complex terrain, said that "this is not a but rather a humanitarian work of civil engineering".

Meanwhile, the investigative Court n. 9 of Malaga opened a lawsuit to ascertain the exact circumstances in which Julen fell Sunday at the well in a family estate in the vicinity of Totalán. According to sources from the High Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA), the decision was taken following a report by the Guardia Civil after recording the statements of the parents of the minor, the owner and the person who executed the well to half of December.

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