How to take advantage of the visit to large Blockchain events: 5 tips from event organizers


Conferences, forums and significant encryption summits offer participants many profitable opportunities such as finding investors, creating valuable bonds, meeting the right people and presenting projects. The consensus – one of the most famous conferences dedicated to the blockchain – attracts opinion leaders, CEOs and other specialists throughout the crypto industry. In other words, this event is a place where everything is set up to improve your network.

How can you take all the opportunities it offers? We have some hacks for you. Here are some tips from the Bisanzio team, which is organizing a series of private collateral events called Fireflies – mainly as part of the Consensus conferences, on how to get the most out of this huge blockchain event. The same applies to any major cryptographic event. Take a look at the checklist below!

The line-up of speakers / exhibitors

First, suppose you are looking for an engaging event to visit and see a long list of unknown titles. If you ask us for a detail, you have to consider one thing above all: the speakers and the exhibitor line-up.

The agenda of a good event should contain blockchain experts, opinion leaders in the encrypted sector, representatives of mature companies and funds. Beware of line-up only for start-up. Such an event may not be very useful as you do not want to present your project to other startups, right?

Opportunity to speak

Never miss the chance to become a speaker at the conference. Big events give many opportunities to speakers, not only on the stage, but also behind the scenes, during coffee breaks, collateral events and afterparty. Remember, your speech is the main tool to explain why your project deserves attention. It is also worth strengthening your networking and participating in panel discussions where you can find your valuable audience.

A good step

Now, when you've chosen the event to visit, it's time to think about your field. While aiming to attract the attention of the public and to represent your project or your company entirely, you have to work hard on the structure of your pitch. A well-structured step means that every object should logically follow the previous one.

A well-structured step should contain:

A brief description of the project or a brief history of the company;
A description of the problem that exists in the market;
How your company / project is going to solve the given problem;
Examples of successful cases;
A clear call to action: an invitation to dialogue, a proposal for cooperation, a request for contact information, etc.
You can also check other fields and evaluate them using the given scheme. Most likely, you should make friends with those who hold exceptional speeches to exchange ideas and experiences.

Side-Events and After-Parties

The main conferences, forums and summits often have many satellite events alongside. They can be very useful if you want to communicate in a private and relaxed atmosphere. These collateral events are often more effective than the main one, as the organizers manually select the candidates. They also invite extraordinary guests, who may not be able to talk to anyone else. To be frank, well organized private collateral events are generally places where bids are closed.

A private dinner

Check to see if the event you are attending has private dinners in the program. It is mandatory to visit one of those. These dinners host space where you will have a less stressed atmosphere and enough time to talk with people and probably to meet with your investors or partners. These exclusive dinners are quite expensive, but there is a good chance that you can create valuable bonds with event organizers, opinion leaders, fund representatives, angels, etc.

Post scriptum The checklist

As promised, here's a checklist to test the event you're about to visit and check if you're prepared for the occasion:

The line-up of speakers includes famous and respected people in the field.
You have studied all the opportunities to talk about the event in advance and you will not miss any of them.
You have prepared a well structured and engaging field to represent your project / company.
You checked the list of collateral events and chose the best one to attend.
If the event offers exclusive private dining with influencers, check them carefully and visit the appropriate ones.

Now you are ready for the kind of great opportunities that big events can open up to you. Do the job and do not forget to have fun!

Images courtesy of Shutterstock.

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