How blockchain technology helps people get married


Government registers via blockchain have accelerated things for the spouses …

Romance and Blockchain technology often do not overlap in the same sentence, but heck, it's 2019, and it will be a dark and gloomy world if things have not changed. We give a vortex to this.

Apparently, even here is some crossover, with news that local governments in America have started using blockchain technology to keep digital copies of government official documents. And those government documents include in particular the types of marriage and birth certificates.

It is not just one of those things "in practice" in which there is not even an actual use. A report by the Associated Press revealed that since Washoe County in the United States began using blockchain technology for such purposes, some 950 couples have sent digital versions of their marriage certificates to their computers and / or phones.

The bright side was that those waiting for a copy of their marriage certificate in the area had their waiting times significantly decreased as a result of the changes. That said, waiting time dropped to around 24 hours, from a previous wait of seven to ten days.

There is still the need for couples to obtain a marriage license in person, as these are not available online. But since the area is popular for visiting couples to get married, and therefore to live their lives elsewhere, digital service has become popular.

Blockchain also proved to be at the height of the task, boasting a strong level of security and the processing speed required for the digital system. The local Washoe County government, for example, is trying to use even more technology applications in the future.

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