Historic participation supports the triumph of “Approve” in Chile | news


The plebiscite held this Sunday in Chile, which endorsed the popular will that a new Constitution be written and that this be done by a Constitutional Convention, was mitigated by record numbers of electoral participation.


78.24% of Chileans approve the replacement of the Constitution

According to data from Chile’s Electoral Service (Servel), this Sunday’s voter attendance constitutes the highest turnout for an electoral process in the country since voluntary voting was enforced in 2012.

In fact, in terms of absolute numbers, the over 7.5 million votes obtained in the plebiscite constitute the highest value since 1989. This includes the compulsory voting period which lasted from that year to 2009. This comparison includes all types of elections carried out in that period.

With 99.85 per cent of the votes counted, there was a participation of 50.90 per cent, the result of 7,562,173 registered votes, based on an electoral list of approximately 14.9 million voters.

Another surprising fact is that more than 99% of the votes cast were valid. 78.27 percent of the participants voted for the “Approve” option, while the variant of the Constitutional Convention got 78.99 percent of the vote.

Both options won with a wide difference between both voters in Chile and those who participated from abroad.

In the absence of the screening of 37 polling stations (0.15 per cent of the total) it is expected that in the next few hours the electoral authority will provide the final official results.

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