High Times launches the first ever IPO to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum


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High Times, a prominent New York publication promoting cannabis use, is opening up new horizons in the world of cryptocurrencies by accepting cryptography during its IPO, the first ever equity offering .

High Times CEO Adam Levin said:

" High Times has been at the forefront of popular culture for more than four decades now we are taking another step towards the future, not just as one of the first cannabis-related brands to be published on the Nasdaq, but also as the first to allow Bitcoin and Ethereum as part of our increase in public capital. "

The offer complies with the SEC A + regulation and has already started taking cryptocurrency investments. The A + regulation allows accessible crowdfunding without being limited only to accredited well-off investors, opening the IPO to more people.

High Times presented an A + regulation that showed a reduction of $ 29 million in negative equity and operating costs significantly reduced debt reduction to start, making a strong case to the SEC about why the company is in a good position to sell securities.

The publication describes the cryptocurrency as the currency of the future, with the chief executive stating that the accessibility of regulation A + the crowdfunding form has completed that of crypto, allowing people to invest with greater ease.

"Cryptocurrencies have created a new investor base all over the world – we are only giving them more stable investment opportunities." Starting with our Reg. A + crowdfunding, we have focused on giving everyone, from retail investors. , longtime fans have more ways to own a piece of High Times, "said Levin.

"While we did not believe that the ICO process was the right move for our brand, it would be foolish to leave this base of emerging investors as we continue to transform into a diverse media, events and merchandise giant."

which is active since 1974 is not the only company to avoid the ICO process in favor of an IPO. The mining encryption company Argo Blockchain opted for an IPO on the London Stock Exchange in June instead of pointing to an initial offering that many could have expected, becoming the first enterprise crypt to do so.

As ICO mania of 2017/18 begins to decrease slightly under more stringent regulations, it is interesting to see a bridge built between the world of traditional finance and cryptocurrency while IPOs accept cryptographic and cryptographic companies engaged in IPO, closing the gap between the world of traditional finance and that of what High Times indicates as the future of the currency.

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