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Here is the new Trump rival: Ready

Former California Attorney General Kamala Harris, elected for the first time in the United States Senate, says he will run in the US presidential election in 2020. "I have the experience of being a leader in a regional government , state and federal, "Harris said at a press conference at Howard University, explaining that he would be a candidate for a solution to the problems of the United States.

Known for his harsh criticism of Donald Trump's administration, Harris said he dedicated the appointment to the African American defender Martin Luther King, murdered after the murder. On the issue of Trump and the White House's foreign policy, Harris said that US foreign policy can not be implemented through social media and that military decisions should be taken in consultation with military leaders.

Harris asked what to do differently in 2020, so we will not just talk, we'll listen. As a candidate for the presidency of the United States, my goal is to visit this country, enter the living rooms and listen to their families. He also said that when I came to the presidency, they would understand that we would represent all the people of the country.

I love my country, said savaş, Harris Ve we are ready to fight for the values ​​and the people of the United States and we will win this war. Harris, the current administration that attacked US values, said he would offer a public administration. Harris also said that his slogan would be for the people. Senator Harris said, Sen There are very strong voices among us, which are encouraging hatred and disintegration. We must reject them. They do not represent us as Americans. Our union is always our strength. Birlik

The Republican Party Committee declared that they considered Harris the least favorable, inadequate and far from the people.

54-year-old Harris, the son of a couple who fled Jamaica and India in the United States, is seen as the rising star of the Democratic Party. Harris has received support from several ethnic minorities and women, especially in recent years, with a diverse and growing party base.

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