He killed his “ex” pregnant woman in Lima and committed suicide: they were Venezuelans


Peruvian media point out that the victim, who carried life in her womb, begged them to please save her. Unfortunately, he died on his way to 2 de Mayo hospital.


Diolimar Josefina Mendoza Mendoza, a 26-year-old Venezuelan, was shot dead in Lima, Peru, by her former partner of the same nationality, Carlos Hernández Rodríguez (29), who committed suicide.

The events took place in the middle of the street and were filmed by security cameras. Diolimar ran, but Hernández caught up with him: he shot him, in the eyes of the witnesses, then he pointed the gun to his head and shot it.

Diolimar was pregnant and in her last moments of life she asked to be saved.

According to americatv.com.pe, the events took place in the La Victoria district of Lima, in front of the Parque Cánepa shopping center, on the morning of Thursday 22-O.

Carlos Hernández Rodríguez (29) chased Diolimar Mendoza for half a block, after an exchange of words he shot him three times at point blank range. Then he took his own life. They leave an orphaned child.

On David Glock’s Instagram account, they reported that the victim separated from Hernández months ago, but he harassed her via messages and calls. Their child is 5 years old.

According to the account of a witness from América Noticias, the woman worked as an assistant in a restaurant in Cánepa Park, in Gamarra. He was waiting to carry out his daily duties when the man entered with a gun in his hand and intending to shoot him.

“He worked on the second floor, in a small restaurant, helped take care of the kitchen and distribute food in the area. She went up and waited to enter the kitchen, the boy went up later and when she saw him with a gun she ran out, ”the man said.

The witness indicated that after the shooting they were both alive and the victim, who carried the life in her womb, begged them to save her. Unfortunately, he died on his way to 2 de Mayo hospital.

Peruvian media reiterated that Diolimar was expecting her second child. In apnoticias.pe they pointed out: Friends and collaborators of Diolimar made a massive collection to raise funds and thus financially help the relatives of the young woman.


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