He became the youngest serial killer in the world


The story of 8-year-old Indian Amarjeet Sada, unlike any other film, is on the agenda both in his country and in international public opinion. Amarjeet, born in Begusaray, Bihar, India, in 1998, is the son of an extremely poor family. His father moved to the village of Müşahari as a worker and in 2006 Amarjeet allegedly killed his 6-year-old cousin.

He is also believed to have killed his eight-month-old sister, the baby, soon after this frightening incident. According to Amarjeet’s uncle, some family members and other village residents are aware of these crimes. However, these situations were not reported to the authorities for family reasons.

In addition to all these murders, Amarjeet allegedly killed her neighbor’s six-month-old daughter, Kushboo, in 2007. The baby’s mother says she left her to sleep while she did some chores, and then when she comes back, she can’t find her baby. .

The villagers know what Amarjeet did in the past, so they find him guilty of this death.


Amarjeet told police in detail how her neighbor, Kushboo, killed and buried her baby. He had no regrets as he told it. After his arrest, the police announced that the boy confessed to killing his sister three months ago and his cousin a year ago.

Police inspector Amit Lodha said the boy sees him as a psychiatric case and will be evaluated by professionals. Shatrudhan Kumar, another police inspector, said all the killings were carried out in the same way.

“He takes the children to the fields, shooting them with stones and commits the murder,” police say. He also said that as the boy was being questioned, he laughed and asked for a cookie. Amarjeet, examined by professionals, found a behavioral disorder. Behavioral disorder is described as an ongoing pattern of emotional and behavioral problems in which children can be angry, aggressive, and violent.

“Such aggression can be inherited and caused by major chemical disorders in the brain,” explained a psychologist on the case.

The boy was locked up in a prison in the nearby town of Munger. According to The Guardian, a child cannot be sentenced to death or imprisoned under Indian law. However, children can be kept at home until the age of 18.


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