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Hard accusations against Trump – He gave a new impetus to the grouping of the Islamic state – Sources of news

Former US special envoy to the international anti-jihadist coalition, Brett McGurk, who resigned after announcing the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, accused President Donald Trump of giving a new impetus to the Islamic State (IS). of Agerpres.

"The President's decision to leave Syria was taken without debate, consultation with our allies and the US Congress without risk assessment or fact analysis," he wrote in an article published by the Washington Post.

"The irony is that the president has said since the beginning that his goal is to defeat the Islamic State", but "his recent decisions, unfortunately, are already giving new impetus to the Islamic State and other opponents United States ", he added. he.

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The diplomat, who remained silent on his resignation on December 22, spoke in detail about how Donald Trump made the decision, which he criticized point by point.

He said that on December 17, while he was in Iraq, he received a phone call from US diplomat Mike Pompeo who announced it for a "sudden change" in Washington's strategy: "President Trump, after a telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, intends to declare victory over the Islamic State and order the withdrawal of our forces from Syria ".

McGurk, according to McGurk, said that "at the request of the White House" would provide coalition partners who have intervened in Iraq and Syria in 2014 that the United States "does not intend to leave Syria good time".

The Washington Allies "were dismayed," said Brett McGurk, who said he quickly came to the conclusion that he could not put this decision into practice.

McGurk has questioned the main reasons Donald Trump put forward to justify the withdrawal, namely that the Islamic State has been defeated and that Saudi Arabia will financially support the reconstruction of Syria. "It's not true," he reassured him.
According to him, the White House leader "has accepted Erdogan's proposal that Turkey will take over the fight against Syria", but does not have the military means to do it alone, he estimated.

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