Greta Thunberg on the Atlantic: "Like a roller coaster" – good humor aboard the "Malizia II"


The Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, 16, is traveling from the UK to New York on a deep-sea yacht. The special boat "Malizia II" is controlled by the professional sailors Boris Herrmann and Pierre Casiraghi. On board are also the father of Thunberg Svante and the director Nathan Grossman, who is making a documentary. the star and RTL report daily on the Atlantic crossing of Greta of about 14 days and are kept updated in this diary on all the events of this extraordinary journey.

6th day (19 August)

+++ "Like a roller coaster" – good humor aboard the "Malizia II" +++

About 2000 nautical miles (about 3700 kilometers) are still there for "Malizia II" and its crew in New York – and the mood on board seems to be good. Skipper Boris Hermann has published two photos on Instagram, showing his partner Pierre Casiraghi standing on the deck of the racing yacht, faithful to the style with Südwester in the lead. "Some say it's like a roller coaster ride, others simply call it" Surfin "for the United States", "wrote Hermann – referring not only to the success of the Beach Boys, but also to a post by Greta Thunberg. L & # 39; climate activist wrote on the fourth day of the crossing: "Life on the" Malizia II "is like a camping on a roller coaster!"

Even the sixteen year old is apparently still in a good mood. On his Twitter channel he released an image showing the entire crew of five (next to Greta and the two skippers the girl's father and a cameraman) in a good mood.

By the way: almost exactly a year ago, on August 20th, Greta Thunberg is said to have skipped school for the first time to protest in front of the Swedish parliament for greater climate protection.

5th day (August 18th)

+++ Good mood goes to bed +++

The crew of "Malizia II" prepares for the night. The mood is obviously excellent – at least for Boris Herrmann: "Good night from the ocean … Life on the boat is the best", writes the skipper on Instagram.

He then published an idyllic aerial photograph of the racing glider. "Drone shot of the Malizia II", which further navigates to New York in the night ", commented the native Oldenburger the image.

+++ Sufficient vegan snacks and no seasickness +++

For another nine or eleven days Greta Thunberg will be on the high seas with her father Svante, director Nathan Grossman and professional sailors Boris Herrmann and Pierre Casiraghi. Unlike what was previously feared, nobody had seasickness on "Malizia II", as revealed by Boris Herrmann on Instagram – despite some strong waves. And for physical well-being is also taken care of: "C & # 39; is a lot of vegan food and snacks on board", writes the German sailor (in German: "There are many vegan foods and snacks on board").

Greta Thunberg herself has also published a new photo on board. "A sunny day with a nice wind", he wrote to the selfie. Currently the boat is off the coast of Portugal.

Later, Skipper Herrmann published a short video that reflects some of the mood on board. Greta Thunberg squats, apparently with her father. Director Nathan Grossman brushes his teeth. The two sailors, Pierre Casiraghi and Boris Herrmann, are not visible in the short clip.

4th day (August 17th)

+++ "Camping in a roller coaster" and heated debate in social media +++

Greta Thunberg has so far been spared from real seasickness. Also on the fourth day of her journey through the Atlantic, the sixteen year old tweeted that she was fine: "Eat well and sleep and you didn't get seasick." Life on Malizia II is like a roller coaster camp. "

Meanwhile, on social media, heated debates on the boat trip to America continue. In part, there was a lot of caustic joy, as some media predicted that the entire organization of the journey consumed more CO2 than when it flew. Thunberg's crew defended itself against the charges. Here's what you respond to criticism.

Greta Thunberg (left) on

Numerous users have jumped aside Thunberg and defend the trip by sailboat. A particularly passionate defense speech goes around on Facebook. A user named Grit Maroske responds to what they think is overly criticized by many users: "You out there, you need to steal photos of 16-year-old girls, alienate them and share them a thousand times without asking, not c & # 39; it is a problem to see them violate personal rights and spread false news and incite hatred towards a teenager whose only crime is worrying about the future: are you not really ashamed, do you have children? ", he asks between the other.

Here is the complete text:

3rd day (16th August)

+++ School strike for the high seas climate +++

Even in the waves of the Atlantic, Greta Thunberg continues her school climate strike.

+++ Become uncomfortable +++

It's getting harder on the Atlantic. Skipper Boris Herrmann posted on Instagram: "The team is experiencing some unpleasant conditions and everyone feels a little sick of the sea, but nothing bad or unexpected." They relax and today they wait for the conditions to calm down a little. soon! "

+++ The "letting go" is over +++

Greta Thunberg and her companions survived well the second night at sea. Skipper Boris Herrmann takes a team selfie and publishes it on Instagram. "All are well and still have no seasickness," writes the native of Oldenburg. "We do a little easier in the first 24+ hours, but now we have turned to the west (we have turned the boat to the west and we have taken the sail from the other side) and we travel at about 10 knots (20 km ) and 2 waves m. "

+++ skipper Casiraghi vigil +++

The crew spends the second night in the North Atlantic. While Thunberg and the others are in their bunks, the sailing professional Pierre Casiraghi keeps the "Malizia II" on the route. "Everything is fine on the boat, good mood and no seasickness", Monegasse writes on Twitter. "I'm on watch now, sailing in the dark while everyone sleeps."

2nd day (15th August)

+++ Thunberg so far spared from seasickness +++

Andreas Kling, PR Manager of Boris Herrmann Racing, reports in the early hours aboard the "Malizia II": "You are already in the vastness of the North Atlantic Ocean." The weather conditions were relatively good, average winds and they were 14-15 knots, which is more than 20 km / h, on the road ", says Kling in a telephone interview. Greta went to sleep relatively early but had no sore sea ​​Everything was fine and the mood on the yacht was good and respectful.

Greta Thunberg at sea Day 2

+++ The team has the first Atlantic night behind +++

Greta Thunberg survived her first night in the North Atlantic. The "Malizia II" arrived in the early morning at about 65 nautical miles to the west, as a live show of the special boat shows. "100 nautical miles west of Cape Finisterre, a very restless night, but I slept surprisingly well," the 16-year-old tweeted. Some dolphins showed up at night and swam by the boat. Skipper Boris Herrmann writes on Instagram:

The skipper Boris Herrmann writes on Twitter: "The night was rough and rough, but almost everyone came to sleep, we try to organize space, storage and life, everything is in slow motion: getting dressed, cooking, etc. So far, okay and we'll get used to it ".

Malizia II night 1 Greta Thunberg

1st day (14th August)

+++ Leash in progress in Plymouth +++

Four people on a racing yacht

The great journey has begun. The "Malizia II" sailed this afternoon with its crew to the port of the British city of Plymouth. In two weeks Thunberg, his father Svante, director Nathan Grossman and professional sailors Boris Herrmann and Pierre Casiraghi want to invest in New York. "We are coming", writes Thunberg immediately after his departure on Twitter. He also publishes a photo of himself on board, smiling.

+++ Thunberg holds the last press conference +++

Just before leaving Thunberg in Plymouth, once again a press conference. Reveal his recipe for success: creativity! "In the beginning, my voice was not heard, I kept trying until I found my way of being listened to, you have to be creative," says the 16-year-old. Thunberg does not expect it to convince US President Donald Trump to opt for a better climate policy. "No!", Says in front of about 200 journalists and onlookers. "I don't tell anyone what to do or do."

Professional sailor Boris Herrmann makes it clear once again that the journey of the climate activist cannot serve as a model. "We realize that not everyone on a high-tech yacht can sail through the ocean … But everyone can start changing their garden and with a few small steps we can achieve something," says Herrmann.

Greta Thunberg: Atlantic crossing - Here is the appearance of the eco-yacht from the inside

The journey +++ begins one year after Thunberg's first protest +++

Today Greta Thunberg and her companions sail to Plymouth, in the United Kingdom. The launch of their Atlantic crossing almost coincides with the anniversary of the Thunberg protest: on August 20, 2018, the fifteen-year-old then sat in front of the Stockholm Parliament to demand a more ambitious climate protection policy in Sweden and respect for the climate goals of Paris. The action has turned into the international climate protection movement on Friday for the future, and thousands and especially young people have been protesting for months on a regular basis on Friday for more climate protection, many of them in Germany .

In the new star you can read an interview with the young climate activist and find out what the stellar journalist Jonas Breng experienced during a test drive with "Malizia II".

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