Granddaughter makes her grandmother's dreams come true: Thanks to her nephew, her grandmother realized the dream of her life: knowing the sea | trends


They say it is never too late to realize one's dreams and those of others, and the case of Joy Ryan is no exception.

Joe is 89 years old, lives in the Ohio, in the United States and wanted to know the sea all his life, because for lack of money he has never been able to travel to this place. In addition to this, he has not had the best fortune with his relatives, as a widow for 20 years and of the three children he had, only one currently living. Therefore there was no one to take her to know the sea.

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Fortunately, his nephew, Brand Ryan, wanted to fulfill his life's dream and took it to the National Park Great Smoky Mountains, located in Tennessee.

Brend uses his Instagram account to publish all the photos of the places he visited thanks to his nephew. In this network he also shares the interviews and statements that together give to the press.

"We spent more nights of our adventures in the national parks inside a camping tent. No, you will never be too old to camp," he wrote as a caption in one of the many posts they published.

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