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Giuliani gives the Russian connection – except for Trump

Offside: Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump's personal lawyer. Image: AP / AP

Trump's lawyer, Giuliani, accepts cooperation with the Russians, except Trump

The president's personal lawyer no longer denied in an interview with CNN that there was a collaboration between members of the campaign teams with the Russians. What do you want from this?

Rudy Giuliani was once again a guest of Chris Cuomo, a well-known CNN moderator. He made an astonishing statement: "I never said that there was any" collusion "(cooperation with the Russians)! Or among the campaign team members." I said I was not there. evidence that the President had committed the only crime he could have committed: a conspiracy with the Russians to hack the computers of the Democratic headquarters. "

The interview immediately made headlines in the media and the dismay of the Trump staff in the west wing. What the hell is Giuliani doing this time in the shield? Why do you admit what has so far been denied and denied by all soils, and that is that there was an agreement between the Trump campaign team and the Russians?

Flashback: already last summer Giuliani caused a similar emotion. At the time, he surprised Sean Hannity, Fox's news star and Trump's confidant, with the statement that the silence's president of the porn star Stormy Daniels knew it. This too had been heavily contested before.

Prior to Hannity's interview, investigators from the Southern District of New York – a department of the Justice Department in charge of the toughest criminals – searched the offices and home of Michael Cohen, Trump's longtime fixer, and confiscated large quantities of material.

Among them was a tape containing a conversation between Trump and Cohen, which made it clear that Trump knew of silence. Denial had become useless. Cohen was convicted of violating the campaign law. The Presidency has previously saved Trump from this fate, but is legally regarded as an "undisputed co-conspirator".

Rudy Giuliani behaves – to put it mildly – funny, he is an exhausted lawyer. He also pursues a goal with his latest statements: he wants to prepare the American public for the relationship that will soon await the Special Investigator.

Giuliani knows that Mueller's relationship to Trump will be catastrophic. Therefore, it is plausible to assume that it is happening as in Hannity. Sacrifice Trump's closest collaborators to save the President's skin.

He will unpack publicly: Michael Cohen, once a man of Trump for the tough guy. Image: AP / AP

In reality, Trump's situation has worsened dramatically in recent weeks. The New York Times revealed that following the dismissal of the former director James Comey, the FBI has launched a "survey on the president to find out if he is an agent of the Russian government. The result of this investigation is unknown.

The Washington Post, meanwhile, has revealed that Trump has ordered to destroy all the notes of the translators of his speeches with Vladimir Putin. He also instructed the performers not to say a word to any of these conversations. Such a thing has never happened in the history of the United States.

Finally, the Wall Street Journal reported that Michael Cohen delivered $ 12,000 to $ 13,000 to a certain John Gauger at the start of 2016 in a Walmart bag at the Trump Tower. The IT specialist at Liberty University Evangelical should falsify online surveys for Trump. Cohen has now confirmed the facts via tweets. He also reiterated his intention to appear before the congress on February 7th and to publicly unravel Trump's dirty business.

In the Russian business it is getting closer and closer to Trump. On Tuesday, the Special Investigator's lawyers filed a 200-page report with the court. In it, they apparently show how the former manager of Trump's campaign, Paul Manafort, worked with the Russians. Exactly one does not know, since almost all sides are blackened.

With a lack of Manafort lawyers, however, it became known that the former campaign manager transmitted data to his partner Konstantin Kilimnik. Kilimnik is a former Russian agent and has excellent contacts with the oligarch and the friend of Putin Oleg Deripaska.

Billionaire and Putin's Companion: Oleg Deripaska. Image: EPO / EPA

Deripaska is an aluminum magnate. The last American sanctions were given to his company Rusal. However, Trump ordered that these sanctions be revoked again. The House of Representatives voted by a large majority, while in the Senate the same attempt failed.

Trump takes Putin's discussion literally on the issue of manipulation, he defends the invasion of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan – why does he do all this? Is it actually a "Manchurian candidate", a president controlled by a foreign power? Or is he just a jerk? Both explanations make us sleep badly.

Why does Trump appear when I'm looking for an "idiot"?

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