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Four meters to reach Julen | United States

The vertical tunnel pierced to try to save the two-year-old boy who fell into a hole in Totalán, Malaga, Spain, today reached the 60-meter-deep goal.

The tunnel box and its packaging are ready, which, according to the technicians, can vary between seven and nine hours, works that will be performed according to the criteria established by the displacement Brigade, moved from Asturias.

Once all this is done, other miners will begin to manually dig a four-foot horizontal tunnel to connect to the well where Julen is located, a task that can be completed this Tuesday.

Rodrigo Reveco, the inventor of the "Fénix" capsule that saved the 33 miners trapped in a mine in Chile, sent a message of encouragement to the team that works to free Julén.

According to sources from the municipality of Malaga, the inventor sent a message of encouragement to the technical director of the Provincial Consortium of Firefighters, Julián Moreno, and described the work of the rescuer as "extraordinary", stating that the work is performed better than to save the miners in Chile.

The areas of extreme hardness that technicians are experiencing in Totalán have delayed the plan drawn on the eighth day of work, since initially it was expected that it would be possible to finish the vertical drilling this morning. However, they were still eight meters to finish when the dawn began. From there, it will be necessary to channel the tunnel to protect it from any land transfers.

This protection is necessary so that the miners of the Salvaged Brigade of Asturias can descend into a kind of cage to continue to dig by hand a horizontal tunnel of access to the area in which it is believed that the child can be, from the 13th. Work to create a horizontal gallery will begin Tuesday morning at 12.00 local time (less than one hour in Lisbon).

The speed at which this work will progress will depend on the equipment that the teams find, but because of the experience in similar jobs, the technicians have announced that the activity could extend for another 24 hours.

Julian was reported missing on January 13 and was suspected of falling into one of the many wells dug into the Totalan mountain. A further DNA-to-hair analysis found at the well would confirm that the two-year-old is actually held there.

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