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For the first time, Mueller denies the news that put Trump in nasty lingerie United States of America

In an unprecedented act, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller denied key parts of the website Buzzfeed who advanced that the US president had given orders to his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress on building a luxury real estate project in Moscow.

"The description of specific statements made at the special prosecutor's office and the characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this cabinet, concerning the testimony before the Congress of Michael Cohen, is not correct," said Mueller spokesman Peter Carr .

It was the first time Robert Mueller commented on average since he began his investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election and on the possible obstruction of Donald Trump's justice. The president of the United States thanked Mueller for his statements.

The director of Buzzfeed continues, however, to defend the veracity of the article he has published: "We remain confident in the work of reporting and in our sources, and we encourage the special prosecutor to clarify what is at stake," Ben said Smith.

If the news of Buzzfeed were confirmed by Robert Mueller, it would be the first important sign that the President of the United States would try to impede justice – a crime that could justify the opening of a withdrawal process.

In response to the Buzzfeed news, House Intelligence Committee leader Adam Schiff (Democratic Party) announced on Twitter that he would investigate the case. Also in that social network, Congressman Joaquin Castro and Senator Chris Murphy spoke openly of a accusation.

David Weinstein, a former federal prosecutor, told Reuters that Mueller's unprecedented decision to comment on the Buzzfeed article showed the importance of the allegations made there and the attention it had aroused.

"It's a way of telling everyone that they have to calm down." Mueller does not want to create the idea that by saying nothing, he's confirming that the news is true, "Weinstein said.

Trump on Twitter said his former lawyer lied to get a shorter prison. And US President Rudy Giuliani's lawyer issued a statement saying any suggestion that Trump would tell Michael Cohen to lie "is categorically false."

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