Fire harassment from the Assad regime to the TAF observation point


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The regime of Bashar al-Assad, Turkish armed forces (TSK) n. 8 opened a harassment at the observation point.

The regime's war planes fired heavy machine guns near observation point 8 in the Maaretinuman district in the southeast of Idlib. No damage caused by the blow.

Point 8 in the Sirman region lies north of Khan Shaykhun district, which the regime besieged yesterday.

The regime is advancing south of Idlib in the last 10 days with the help of foreign terrorist groups backed by Russia and Iran.

Since the agreement was signed on September 17, 2018 by the Idlib region said 1 million people emigrated civilian border line between Syria and Turkey.

Local sources say that if the attacks spread to the Maaretinuman and Serakib districts, the number of displaced could reach 1.5 million.

Regime, on August 19, south of point 8 Morik & te point 9 during the transfer to the TSK convoy air strikes, 3 civilians were killed, 12 civilians were injured.


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