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Finished the vertical drill to reach Julen

Jthe 60-meter vertical shaft is parallel to the hole where Julen fell, the Diario Sur advances, the drilling of this well took 55 hours, a much longer time than initially expected, since it was obstructed by the rocky ground.

The teams that are in place will proceed in the next few hours to the lining of the well, so that the capsule that will take the miners digging the horizontal tunnel that will give access to the bag of air in which Julen will be. According to El País, painting can last six hours.

It follows the most decisive phase of this rescue operation. The authorities hope that the excavation of the horizontal tunnel that will begin this Tuesday will be completed within 24 hours.

Your maneuver space will be greatly reduced. The diameter of the vertical shaft is 1.5 meters and the miners will dig a horizontal tunnel three or four meters long. When they have advanced about a meter, they will make a hole in which they will introduce a chamber to check if Julen is in the air bag in that depth. It will be the moment of truth.

Julen fell into the hydraulic exploration hole in Totalán, Malága, on January 13th. The rescue operation started early, but the work was complex and time-consuming due to the terrain characterized by very rocky terrain.

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