Ethereum (ETH) is the most popular cryptocurrency for Scammers, Kaspersky Report Shows


Ethereum scams multiplied with cybercriminals by pitting $ 2.3 million in the second quarter of 2018.


Ethereum is the most common cryptographic resource for scammers, show the last Kaspersky Labs research. Phishing is also continued, disguising itself as wallets or popular websites. The notorious tributes of Ethereum continue to spread on social media, influencing Twitter's famous handles, most recently by copying Elon Musk's story.

"Ethereum (ETH) is currently the most popular cryptocurrency with phishers.The popularity of Ethereum with cybercriminals increases as more funds are attracted to ICOs on the Ethereum platform," Kaspersky Labs noted.

"According to our very rough estimate (based on data received from over a thousand ETH portfolios used by criminals), during Q2 2018, cybercriminals exploiting ICOs managed to earn $ 2,329,317 (exchange rate at the end of July 2018), traditional phishing is not included. "

One of the reasons for the scams related to Ethereum is the growth of the ecosystem, with more projects and ICOs. Even if users tend to do research, they sometimes continue to seize the opportunity for quick earnings. The ease of use of Ethereum and the relative availability of MetaMask and MyEtherWallet make the impulsive decision even simpler. Fake ICO addresses are also a threat in the second quarter of 2018, diverting funds and disappearing.

Continuous spam, gifts and other types of ETH theft occur during a period when ETH market prices are slipping. ETH is back at rates not seen since last year, below $ 270. Despite this, the ease of use and the relatively wide popularity of Ethereum continue to nourish scams.

Some see Ethereum slip further – but the resource is still a key utility. The use of the Ethereum network requires ETH reserves. In addition, the Ethereum network has been spammed by a deceased lottery, which consumed much of the gas for much of the week in mid-August. / status / 1029540782896689152

Some believe that the weakness of ETH is that weak or defrauded ICO projects are liquidating quickly, because The latest bear market attack could be an extinction event for many projects based on Ethereum. [19659012] [ad_2]
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