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Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder – iTWire

Australian Square Kilometer Array PathfinderiTWire ASKAP radio telescope maps nearly three million galaxies | AstronomySci-News.com A map of the Google universeTechnological explorer The new CSIRO telescope maps the universe in record timeCGTN The Australian telescope creates a new atlas of the universePhys.org View full coverage on Google News . Source …

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Kaspersky: 13 million cryptographic incidents in 2018, up 400% over last year

/ Ultima / 2018/12 / kaspersky-13 million cryptojacking-incidents-in-2018-up-400-from-last-year / Cryptojacking, a malicious activity that involves mining cryptocurrencies hijacking the computing resources of unsuspecting users, has recently surpassed ransomware as the biggest threat to cybersecurity in Africa, Turkey and the Middle East. 13 million incidents related to cryptography this year This, …

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Kaspersky detected a hacking attack from Crypto Exchange from North Korea

The leading analytical portal CoinMarketCap has announced on its Twitter account the addition of a new batch of cryptocurrencies: New listings! https://t.co/BddsfVlrw2Credit Tag Chain (CTC), Graphcoin (GRPH), KingXChain (KXC), CashberryCoin (CBC), Nasdacoin (NSD), Printex (PRTX), QYNO (QNO), Lobstex (LOBS), Rubex Money (RBMC), VeriDocGlobal (VDG), 4NEW (KWATT), MIB Coin (MIB), CottonCoin …

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