Ethereum Decentralized App Network Effect helps adoption more than users states Gnosis Creator


  Ethereum Decentralized App Network Effect helps adoption more than users states Gnosis Creator

Ethereum Adoption affects the decentralized App Network effect, not users, says Gnosis Creator

The creator of the marketplace decentralized Gnosis, Martin Köppelmann, has recently said that the adoption of the Ethereum blockchain should not be measured by the number of users on the network but by the effect of decentralized applications on it.

Köpplemann has created an important decentralized market that is currently competing with Augur, the decentralized betting platform. According to him, the network Ethereum should be measured by the effect and the ability of the app to use smart contracts and other apps, not necessarily just the numbers of users.

According to him, if you have more created by dapps and you're using smarter contracts, this means a lot more than having a lot of users at any given time. The number, he believes, will naturally increase if the platform is good and actually has what it takes to attract users.

The creator Gnosis cites the example of protocol 0x, which is decentralized exchange that was created on top of the Ethereum blockchain. There are many third-party platforms that use this protocol, he says, so it's useful regardless of the number of users.

The creator and founder of Coinbase and the former Goldman Sachs merchant, Fred Ehrsam, also said that the protocols enable intelligent sharing of contracts and exploit other features on the platform are very useful. For this reason, users can benefit from the compatibility of dapps on a vast network.

This process of creating a strong structure in which one supports the other is vital to the backbone of any decentralized network. It can allow the dapps to share things like pool of liquidity, base layers and resources.

According to Köpplemann, some examples can be taken from Gnosis. For example, DutchX uses oracle price MakerDAO and the token 0x is controlled by DAO Daostack. The Dapps begin to depend on one another after a while and this creates a strong and shared community.

In this way, essentially by sharing, networks are able to find interesting answers to their problems and create a strong structure that can be shared and will attract more and more developers, since they will have a great way to create 39; help from other platforms.

What About The Users?

It can be summarized that the creator of La Gnosi believes that this increase in the network effect and the interconnection of the first ones will contribute to mainstream adoption over time. According to him, if the structure is good, then surely people will start to appear with time.

By increasing the potential and tools of the Ethereum network, Köppelmann defends, users will naturally appear on the platform and this will exponential growth in the future.

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