Ethereum acquires the top-level domain name with a new partnership


Ethereum has entered into an agreement with an end-to-end domain service provider Minds + Machines Group Limited (MMX) that will allow the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to obtain a top-level domain name, according to August August.

According to the agreement, Ethereum (ETH) consumers will be able to register their addresses with the MMX .luxe level domain (an abbreviation of "Let U Xchange Easily"), which will be launched "soon." The .luxe extension will be in the pre-launch phase in the near future and will go on sale to the public this October.

Any domain registered within the .luxe zone can be integrated with the Ethereum blockchain and all associated services such as decentralized apps (DApp), distributed storage or smart contracts. Users will be able to choose any "user friendly" domain name, which will carry all the identification functions of an individual's ETH asset, instead of the existing 40 character identifiers.

In addition, the .luxe extension will allow names to "resolve" on the Internet in the normal way for e-mail or web-based traffic. "This will allow users to perform their Internet activities traditional with the same address they use for their Ethereum-related articles or services.NoXum CEO Toby Hall commented on the collaboration:

"We already know from the Ethereum test in its ICANN-licensed area that there is real demand proof of word-based identifiers that are blocked in bulk, ENS having received deposits of over $ 28 million on approximately 300,000 words of seven characters and above in the .eth area We do not see the time to work with ENS to allow those who recorded the opportunity to claim their equivalent .luxe name before the company launches .luxe for sale to the general public in late October. "

ENS was launched on the mainnet in May 2017, with an automated registrar process that allows anyone to easily and economically record names ending in" .eth "using an auction process. was the first step of Ethereum towards the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, bringing to the public legible ETH addresses, ENS allows anyone to create a much more user friendly address such as JohnDoe.eth.

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