Erdogan forces a very serious situation in the face of an impotent France and a Europe blocked by the fear of migrants | Cristian Unteanu


And when this appeal – I repeat, absolutely official – is made by the leader of Turkey, a NATO member country, against an allied state, France, then we are faced with a huge problem that, as we emphasized a few days ago, does not arise. it deals only with the bilateral relationship between the two countries, but questions the seriousness and credibility of the entire Alliance and its ability to resolve conflict situations, however serious, before they explode and create a tsunami. it is not yet known how wide it will be, how many beaches it will sweep along its path and how many strategic infrastructures it will affect.

“MI turned to my people. Do not credit any product with a French brand, do not buy it!“- said Erdogan, inviting to fight on a Muslim question, raising that flag that can ignite instant passions not only in Turkey or in Turkish communities so important in Western European countries. He calculated his movement very well, relying on administrative chaos in the context of this second wave of pandemic, with the Brussels institutions talking as usual about big dreams to make people forget the inability to manage information from the WHO on the need to support a unitary system of preventive measures. . with a situation that is now degenerating into open street battles involving neo-anarchists, opponents of all ideological mothers, which is precisely a climate of insecurity to which an additional element such as a market crisis can always cling. for example, from the lack of abrupt arrest orders in Arab countries and the results of campaigns called professional and ult fast on social networks #BoycottFrenchProducts is #NeverTheProphet“.

Will they be followed by massive action?

For now, from the images broadcast by the news agencies, the beginning looks like this:

For now, at first, a colleague from Beirut told me, only the big brands of perfumery and cosmetics, household appliances, dairy products are targeted. In Qatar, the images broadcast show that La Vache qui rit, Baybel, Kiri products have been withdrawn. off the shelves, but it looks like something else is already in the works. Here are the companies that are being asked to be boycotted, which is almost everything:

It is very serious and here Erdogan – with the support of friends who have allowed him to remake the map of the Middle East – may be able to impress not only his own national audience, but also mobilize the political reaction of his entire area. of interest. The call for a joint reaction against France by very influential leaders is very serious Islamic cooperation organizations that “he lamented the content of the position taken by some French leaders which risks damaging Franco-Muslim relations”.

The shockwave was immediately relayed to large companies operating in the area, such as the approximately 430 travel agencies in Kuwait who immediately suspended flight bookings to France, as explained to AFP Mohamad al-Motairi, head of the Kuwait Federation of Travel Agencies. Political parties also came into play, such as the Jordanian Islamic Action Front, which called for a total boycott of French products.

But obviously the appeal of those who are part of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation is worrying because the organization itself can – and has done so – give a very high international visibility to Erdogan’s threats and insults, assimilating them to a common position of Islam in revolt. Recall that the organization brings together 51 states of the Gulf, Africa and Asia, including all countries where there is a strong Islamic minority), is based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and its secretary general is a Saudi. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has already reacted, accusing Macron of attacking Islam, and the Moroccan foreign minister has also said he condemns the country “.in the most vigorous way the continuation of the publication of offensive caricatures of Islam and the Prophet“We also have the position of the Taliban who condemn in a press release”.the personal decisions of the French president, ignorant and Islamophobic“.

Macron says he is not giving up his position at all and is using his diplomatic channels to try to achieve a common front characterized by a declaration of strength of European solidarity.

The question is whether this position is conceived as that of the EU against Erdogan and his excesses? In this case, in a declarative way, a common position of the European leaders expressed in a very correct way could one day be obtained at a European Council, when points relating to foreign policy will be on the agenda.

But, in principle, there may be a NATO statement telling citizens of member countries how Alliance sages see this mess as a tent, disqualifying and dangerous. Will they do it? Hard. Uncertain. Why should he intervene?

Finally (but, honestly, I don’t see how it could be) there is the third option, well known to us, the handkerchief on the drum at least until the result of the American elections is confirmed and we see what happens in Washington and on the ground. .

But in the meantime, what if Erdogan pushes the game forward? It’s a logical question because, from his current position, he can rightly say like Macron “” us, no one will make us go back! “

And so, in the most tragic of prospects, we can wake up, on European territory and in any case on our eastern borders, with the ignition of the fire of inter-religious conflict.


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