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"El Chapo" has escaped through secret tunnels

Since November, the drug chief "El Chapo", the process is done. More and more details about his life come to the public. So also a spectacular escape.

The powerful drug lord of the world, Joaquín Guzmán (61) aka "El Chapo", has been tried in New York since November. Now his ex-girlfriend Lucero Sanchez Lopez (29) was questioned by the jury.

She reports a spectacular escape. These are scenes from a Hollywood movie. It is the year 2014. "El Chapo" hides from the authorities in a house in the Mexican city of Culiacan.

Under the tub, go into the depths

At his side: his then girlfriend Lucero Sanchez Lopez. At night, Mexican soldiers suddenly invade the hiding place. An escape seems almost impossible. But not for "El Chapo". Because it is prepared. Under a tub there is a hole. Wooden stairs lead into the depths. A secret tunnel!

Completely naked, the two are lowered. "It was very dark and I was very scared," says Sanchez in court. They have walked through the tunnel for more than one hour. The escape succeeded, the duo escaped. Guzman was later captured in a hotel on the beach.

Ex traumatized girlfriend

The persecution and escape do not let the young woman go. She is traumatized by her own admission. Also from the relationship with Guzmán. They were both having dinner when he said that whoever betrayed him would die. Lopez and the drug lord were just gathering.

He later interfered in the drug trade and was captured. Now he unpacks against Guzmán and works with prosecutors.

Death penalty excluded

It is said that "El Chapo" has smuggled tons of cocaine and heroin into the United States, making billions. Furthermore, he should be responsible for up to 3,000 murders.

If convicted, Guzmán faces life imprisonment. The death penalty is prohibited under an agreement between Mexico and the United States. (JMH / SDA)

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