EarthCycle ICO (EC token): Blockchain Cryptocurrency Funding Pool?


What Is EarthCycle?

EarthCycle is a digital platform that uses Blockchain technology. According to their website, EarthCycle currencies are the strength of a decentralized resource pool, which will be used to finance companies using cutting-edge physical technologies to solve various problems globally. The coins will ensure that society moves more quickly to a clean and green planet with happy and healthy people.

The platform plans to kick off the talks by employing companies similar to franchising, which have better returns on investments. This will improve the ease of propagation and will direct the technologies to the right direction.

How EarthCycle Blockchain works Cryptocurrency Funding Pool

The EarthCycle coin launch, which starts in about 16 days, will last 6 months and will be traded with cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH and LTC. Other collaborative cryptocurrencies will also be honored with respect to those listed. The exchange rate will be $ 0.80 worth of cryptocurrency each for the first week.

All EarthCycle coins, which will remain untraced during the 6 months, will be destroyed. Less transaction costs collected during the ICO period will be directed to fund projects approved by EarthCycle

Software architecture

Based on its token, the platform has been launched as both waves and Ethereum. Each of these tokens is exchanged in a 1: 1 ratio across the platform site.

The EarthCycle currency intends to launch a blockchain-based voting platform within 6 months of launch. This will facilitate the EarthCycle vote through a block similar to Steem.

Waves nodes join APIs for fast communication with many other forms of server-based designs that are popular all over the world.

Ethereum, which is widely recognized by the international crypto community, is instead used by the platform

Franchised Branches

All companies funded by EarthCycle are recommended to transform their business model into franchises. All franchise branches donate a minimum of 5% of their net capital due to the private financing they get from the platform. They are also required to grant a minimum of 10% discount on all products and services when the EarthCycle currency is used.

A certain 10,000 coin EarthCycle coin must be in an approved account to ensure commitment. This also allows the user to start the conversation on the exact details of the cost and how EarthCycle Franchise works.

DAO Structure

EarthCycle coins from 100 to 1000 USD can be presented by anyone to finance projects that change the world as the EC's pilot activity. New reports, in which the holders of the EC currency can convert to terrestrial energy, have more voting weight and are voted on the social media platform.

Details ICCO token EarthCycle EC

Parameters of the ILO

  • Token symbol: EC
  • Date of sale of the coins: 08/01/18 – 02/01/19
  • Method of payment accepted: BTC, ETH and LTC
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Token Standard: Waves

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