Drama in the neonatal unit: Nurse Lucy is said to have killed 8 babies


Cheshire police are investigating the mysterious deaths of eight babies in the neonatal ward of the Countess of Chester’s hospital. On Tuesday, security forces arrested nurse Lucy Letby – for the third time. The 30-year-old is suspected of being responsible for the deaths of eight babies. He is also said to have tried to kill nine other children.

Letby was arrested later recently three new attempts to kill an Newbornn had given in the hospital. The first deaths and cases where the victims barely survived, took place between March 2015 and September 2016. The investigation led to Letby’s first arrest in July 2018.

Due to the lack of evidence, the nurse was released. In June 2019, the police arrested her again. But even this time the investigators could not prove anything. He is now back in custody – «based on new findings in the caseas a police spokesman told the BBC.What the children have died of is a long way offisunclear. With consideration for bereaved parents who are waiting for answers, wantedn investigators provide no further information.

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