Donald Trump plans executions before handover – Joe Biden has a different plan

Donald Trump reintroduced federal executions after being suspended for 17 years. His Department of Justice is planning further executions before Joe Biden is handed over.

  • Donald Trump leads the death penalty again at the federal level.
  • There has been none at the federal level in the United States for 17 years Executions carried out.
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Washington DC – Donald Trump is a supporter of death penalty. Although the loser in the 2020 US election is not considered a particularly biblical Christian, he follows the creed of “An eye and an eye, a tooth for a tooth” – in the spirit of his evangelical core constituency, to a large extent. And so it is Trump who urged Executions at the federal level, after being effectively suspended for 17 years.

Donald Trump knows no mercy: Federal executions are experiencing a renaissance under the elected U.S. president.

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Donald Trump ensures that the United States reintroduces the death penalty at the federal level

Just before midnight (local time, November 18, 2020) Orlando Hall was executed in Terre Haute prison in Indiana. Previously, his lawyers had tried execution delay filing multiple court files at the last minute. Hall, 49, became the eighth person executed by the U.S. government since the Trump administration Executions of the covenant again.

The Department of Justice has performed more fatal injections in the past four months than in the previous three decades at the federal level. Agree Donald Trump after his electoral defeat to Joe Biden, his justice department was particularly urgent to do so Executions to cause. Why Joe Biden is considered an opponent of death penalty and had repeatedly announced during the electoral campaign that statutory ordinances would be initiated to prevent the Executions cease at the federal level e Death penalty commuted to life imprisonment.

The Supreme Court follows Donald Trump’s line

Is that of Donald Trump With his three nominations since taking office in 2017, the Supreme Court, which has been moved to the right, is at stake. In the case of Orlando Hall, accused of kidnapping, raping and killing a 16-year-old girl, the US Supreme Court lifted the blockade execution previously ordered by a district judge on the day of the scheduled execution. Therefore, the execution scheduled for 6 pm was postponed by a few hours, but was still carried out on the announced day.

At least one more death sentence is expected to be carried out at the federal level by the end of the year, with Brandon Bernard, who was sentenced to death in 1999, expected to be executed on December 10. The execution Lisa Montgomery, another candidate to be executed later this year, was initially postponed until December 31. Your attorneys had previously contracted Corona and a court gave them an extension to process their leniency request. Montgomery would be the first woman to be federally executed in nearly 70 years.

Lisa Montgomery could become the first woman to be federally executed in 70 years

Bernard and Montgomery should also be executed first Donald Trump If the White House surrenders to Joe Biden in January, there would be 52 more inmates sentenced to death at the federal level, the information center said. Death penalty in front of the Washington Post with. John H. Blume, director of Cornell Law School’s death penalty project, expects the policy to be changed once Biden takes office as the (likely) 46th president of the United States in January, according to the newspaper.

Blume assumes Biden will have a moratorium Executions federal government requires an investigation into death penalty request and based on the result some Death sentences will convert to life imprisonment. Biden and his attorney general “will be in control immediately, and I think as soon as the president-elect becomes president, the federal executions will end,” Blume said.

Donald Trump’s administration shows no mercy

The change of charge comes too late for Orlando Hall. The government around Donald Trump he had no mercy, according to his presentation to the Supreme Court on Thursday: “The public and the victim’s family have a huge interest in the implementation of what a jury had recommended a quarter century ago. death penalty against the petitioner, who has committed a horrific series of crimes against a child and could have presented a pardon in the last 13 years “. (Mirko Schmid)

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