Donald Trump made his first public appearance after electoral defeat, but made no statement – Observer


The still President of the United States, Donald Trump, made this Wednesday the first public appearance since Joe Biden’s victory was declared. Trump went to Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia to attend an event honoring war veterans. Trump’s participation lasted only about 5 minutes and the president has not made any public statements, continuing the silence he has maintained in recent days.

Donald Trump was in one of his golf clubs on Saturday when Joe Biden’s victory was announced in the American media. Trump returned to the White House that day and has not yet left, nor has he spoken in public, except through Twitter, where he repeated a series of baseless allegations of election fraud.

It is from the White House that Donald Trump has handled a furious reaction to the election result, which he refuses to accept. In addition to having published dozens of tweets with fraud allegations, the still president is coordinating a series of legal efforts, with his team of lawyers moving electoral fraud cases to several states in the United States (although a sizable portion of these cases have already been dismissed by judges) .

Donald Trump’s refusal to acknowledge the election result is accentuating the divisions in the White House and the Republican Party, between those who are loyal to the president who supports him unconditionally and those who, sharing Trump’s views, fear that his attitude is undermining the system. American election. Even on Trump’s team of lawyers, there is already some unease about the insistence on filing a complaint for election fraud without concrete evidence.

The Republican Party and the White House split over Trump’s refusal to acknowledge defeat

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