DASH Cryptocurrency CEO Ryan Taylor to fight money charges is one of the top 5 coins in the last 30 days

Even-with-Requests-to-dethrone-Dash-Core-Group-CEO-DASH-Still-Stand-as-One-of-Top-5-coins-in-last-30 days

Even with requests to dethrone the CEO of Dash Core Group, DASH continues to be one of the top 5 coins in the last 30 days

DASH was one of the few cryptocurrencies recently to have a positive and even profitable year. They brought their operations to Venezuela during a period of economic crisis, set a record as a cryptocurrency approved for the country, and kept its seat as one of the top five cryptocurrencies. However, the new attention they have achieved lately is not exactly positive.

The biggest fight occurred only a few weeks ago, following the high burn rate for which CEO Ryan Taylor is responsible. Many members of the dash the community had decided to hire the CEO, signing a proposal that would take away its position and would allow the platform to hire someone new. The list of reasons for the request for resignation is long and is already published on the Dash website. Basically, the main reason seems to be Taylor's inability to support the community as it grows and expands.

Since Taylor has been with Dash since the beginning, it seems like he's not going down without a fight. The proposal still includes only about 15% of the community in support of this, which makes the $ 1,000 fee that the writer of the proposal had to pay almost useless. Yet, there are several reasons cited as a reason for the proposed relegation:

  1. Loss of market confidence based on unfulfilled promises and missed deadlines that Taylor continues to have.
  2. Irresponsible growth, considering the high monthly expenses that Taylor has not been able to meet or maintain
  3. No community support, based on lack of security networks, even after receiving millions of funding
  4. Overwhelming technological advances, since the characteristics that have been promised have yet to be delivered
  5. Scarce recruitment decisions, including the appointment of Fernando Gutierrez as CMO, despite no experience of this capacity anywhere
  6. Lack of leadership, since the company has been in a stalemate after the loss of Evan Duffield

Some members came to Taylor's defense, noting the holes in the writer's argument. They believe almost exactly the opposite of what the proposal supports negatively. Instead, Taylor is strong in his decisions. In particular, as regards treasury management, he said, "its treasury at current prices has absolutely no effect on the timing of Evolution or other projects managed by Dash Core Group because we have never pursued an unsustainable binge of assumption. during the peak, we were able to keep all our workforce as the budget contracted.

We remain aware of our expenses on behalf of the network and have taken some proactive measures to control costs. We have contingency plans that will allow us to continue to work with all staff at much lower prices before any reductions are imposed by the budget. We are also committed to restricting our proposals to less than 60% of the total budget to ensure that the community maintains access to finance. "

As for the recruitment of Gutierrez, he said: "Fernando has extensive marketing experience, he was Telefonica's marketing manager, where he was repeatedly promoted during his seven years with the company and was previously in sales and Channel marketing for HP Fernando has a long history with Dash, he is very knowledgeable about our strategy and operations and is extremely committed, we could not ask for a better CMO. "

In the end, he concluded his comments with the belief that the community did not go against Dash but is entirely in favor. He said: "The community has teamed up to support the team we have built over the last 18 months, and the vote and the public debate are overwhelmingly supporting the team and what we have achieved. anyone to submit a proposal and I support the ability to maintain a healthy dialogue and keep the team accountable.We listen to the criticisms and take them to heart in many ways, including changing our communication, areas of interest and partnerships to continue to serve the network ".

Now, it is up to the community to ignore the inventions of a writer masternodes or sign the proposal.

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