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Cruise: that's why passengers have little to laugh when a crew calls "Code Orange"

When it comes to dealing with emergencies, the crew must be able to communicate unnoticed. That's why we use the codes we have put together for you.

On board a cruise ship there are so many things that passengers do not notice during the trip. For example, various codes used by the crew in alarming situations. What these codes mean, see in overview.

Alarm codes of cruise staff

Have you ever been to one? cruise and have the crew in a fairly cryptic way said do you feel the communication? So they could have been codes used in different dangerous situations, but also in alarming situations to communicate the crew with one another. We have the The codes are deciphered for you,

Blue code

"Blue Code" is an international symbol for medical emergencies and is used by the crew to report on incidents.

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Alpha code

The "Alpha Code" is synonymous with some shipping companies for a medical emergency.

Red code

The "Red Code" indicates on some cruise ships that there are cases of Norovirus on board.

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Orange code

In addition, the "Orange Code" may indicate cases of illness in which Norovirus is the trigger.

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Bravo code

This code does not bode well: on most cruise ships the "Bravo Code" is the code for "fire on board". The code then calls the crew members on the site. On some cruise ships, "code bravo" means "man at sea".

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Oscar Code

This code also signals "man at sea", but mainly only to US shipping companies.

Adam code

"Adam Code" means on US cruises that a child is missing.

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